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Focus on the training of the school of MOF lunetiers

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The Best Worker Competition of France (MOF) is a competition of excellence, known worldwide. We had the pleasure of making an article on the MOF lunetier competition on our blog to enlighten our readers on this ultimate recognition of the profession! But how are we preparing for the competition? Which are the formations which make it possible to become an outstanding eyewear? You are enlightened on the lunar school MOF


School of MOF lunetier: a complete training!

The eyewear school of the Meilleurs Ouvrier de France trains its trainees to make unique and custom frames .

For this, there are several course and module formulas . In general, an MOF trainer takes care of three trainees.

Morez (Jura), the French capital of the telescope, is where the prototyping workshop is located. training, workshop equipped to accommodate six trainees.


The six trainers all obtained the title of MOF lunetier and each have their specialty.

Concerning the price of the trainings, it will be necessary, according to the modules, count between 700 and 2000 euros per module.

Modules for all stages of creation

The training, which is extremely complete, is made up of several modules covering all aspects of bespoke manufacturing and is intended for opticians, salespeople, eyewear workers and employees who wish to improve their skills on a specific basis. or several steps of creating frames.


That certain courses can be created for groups of opticians and optical and eyewear companies.

The training modules are:

  • Module 1 : Measuring, drawing and shaping a frame
  • Module 2 : Realization of glasses prototypes cut to the top of spectacle
  • Module 3 : Developing, Shaping and Assembling a Metal Frame
  • Module 4 : Acetate / Metal Improvement
  • Module 5 : Realization and development of frames in natural material
  • Module 6 : CAD: Computer Aided Design and CAM: Using Numerically Controlled Machines
  • Module 7 : Create and perfect your eyewear workshop
  • Module 9 : Dressing up frames with the rigor of industrial production
  • Module 10 : Modification, adaptation, repair in an optical shop
  • Module 11 : Manual decoration on Acetate with ornamentation and other embellishment techniques: standard levels, depth and expert

If you are interested in one or more modules, you can consult the 2019 training calendar.

Once you have completed your course, it's time to register for the contest …

In 2018, the selections for the 27th edition of the contest took place on March 22, 23 and 27 at the Lycée Victor Bérard de Morez

The opportunity for France 3 to follow the scenes of this exceptional event:

You can also go to the MOF lunetier site where you will find all the information you need about the smooth running of your training : registration forms, prices, but also proposals for your accommodation, a bibliography of reference books, or useful links to guide you to your choice.