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For whom?

If you are an optical professional, contact lens laboratory, frames manufacturer, or optical lens manufacturer, this service is made for you.

It will allow you to discover Electronic Data Interchange in a simplified way, through services developed and proposed by EEIG Eyes-Road, and at the same time become client of EEIG Eyes-Road.

For what purpose?

With this service you can exchange the main data files related to a traditional logistics chain, namely,

  • catalogs,
  • sales information (Sell-Out),
  • orders,
  • delivery slips.


Each file received on our platforms is translated and made available in the EDI Optics Association’s (OPTOv11, OPTOv33 or OPTOv34) standardized format (OptimEyes or OptimEyes-Road), a universal standards format, or any other proprietary format (fixed lengths, CSV, XML, etc.).

Our technical platforms are accessible through proven and secure exchange protocols (FTP, SFTP, FTP over SSL, web services). They are hosted in France at Colt Telecom, and conform in part to the HDS certification as required by ASIP Santé

We guarantee a one hour response time on our platforms, with return to service, from 9am to 6pm, 5 days a week.

How much?

The « Liberty » service is completely free! However, quantities within services are limited, namely,

  • Catalog distribution: annual limit of 4 distributions
  • sales information (Sell-Out), annual limit of 600 units

The « Liberty+ » service raises the quantity limits of the Liberty service at an additional cost, the details of which you will find below

  • catalog streaming: €100/transmission (annual allowance of 4 distributions)
  • orders or sales information (Sell-Out): €0.50/transmission (annual allowance of 600 distributions)
  • delivery slips: €0.10/transmission (annual allowance of 600 distributions)