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Innovation: flagship applications in the optical sector

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Back to school is a great opportunity to take stock of our innovative mobile apps market . Use of the first progressive lenses, assistance to the visually impaired, substitution of glasses in case of forgetfulness, night vision for CardBoard, ideas are not lacking in the optical sector ! Zoom on some of them

Skip the course of progressive glass without shaking

The My Optical Coach application , created in 2016 by Mutualist Opticians , aims to help new progressive lens wearers find faster the correct optical zones of equipment that can quickly become uncomfortable.

Indeed, despite the recommendations of the ophthalmologist and the optician, to be alone with progressives is often dangerous.


That's why this innovative application proposes, by means of advice and play exercises , to train to the daily tasks (like to read in height or to descend a staircase) by requesting the oculo-cephalic movements in order to have a correct position of the head and to see as clearly as possible.

An innovation rewarded many times!

Lend your eyes to those who need them

Thanks to the innovative application Be my Eyes , the blind or visually impaired can ask for the help of volunteers.

If needed, a request is sent and as soon as possible acceptance by a sighted person, the two parts are found connected in video / audio.

Using the camera of the camera, the assistant can then direct the visually impaired user.

All this is made possible through a network of volunteers Be my Eyes . If the first volunteer can not make himself available, it is the next one who takes care of providing help!

Still in the framework of assistance to the visually impaired, the application The Eye + reorganizes the menu of your smartphone to allow an easier navigation among the basic functionalities (calls, SMS, management of the contacts …).

The audio help which accompanies it makes it possible to direct the user and to confirm the good action done.

Missing glasses or too dark place is no longer a problem

The Reading Glasses app is designed to replace the glasses if you forget them.

If it will never replace your pair, it improves the rendering of the content you want to consult, with the ability to zoom in / out or change the brightness.


And to move into complete darkness, you can pair your cardboard with the Night Vision app and turn your phone into an augmented reality headset , which, unlike the flashlight app, can keep both hands free!

The application also contains a GPS and a built-in compass to help you navigate.