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Optical pathologies: where are we?

11 juillet 2019

While many visual health campaigns try to warn about the constant evolution of certain optical pathologies , let's take stock of two of them, myopia and AMD. Optical pathologies: myopia rising sharply! @Pixabay [/ caption] Myopia currently affects between 20 and 30% of the world's population . It is rising sharply and could reach 50% […]

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Glasses: A Phenomenon Through the Ages

1 juillet 2019

For many years, glasses have been more than just medical devices or fashion accessories . They have crossed the time in a multitude of ways, to become unavoidable . We change glasses because it is necessary, and because we want to change our head, to be wiser or more relaxed. In short, with our glasses […]

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The Bookshop of Optics: the essential works of the profession

20 juin 2019

As professionals, you know that proper equipment is essential. And to equip oneself is also to have solid books in one's library. So which books are recognized and related to your activity? Eyes-Road has prepared a small selection. Welcome to the optics library! Owning an optics bookstore: textbooks for the student … but not only! […]

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Eye and Art: such a long history

10 juin 2019

Certainly the most intriguing part of the human body , the eye has always fascinated lovers, doctors, religious and artists. Sometimes a window or mirror of the soul, sometimes a symbol of providence, of subjectivity or authority, even of fear, our visual organ is, in the imaginary, devoted to all allegories. Finally, while many artists […]

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Becoming Artisan-Lunetier: What Training?

30 mai 2019

Eyewear has many other uses to help us see. They are also a reflection of our personality. To become an eyewear craftsman is to share his art, his vision of things. But how do we get it? A look at the profession and its formations Become a craftsman eyewear: a complete profession The eyewear does […]

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