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Industrialists: how to support humanitarian associations of optics?

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More and more players in the optical sector are engaging in humanitarian sponsorship with charitable organizations to help them make optical equipment accessible where it is difficult, if not impossible, for 'get some. Does your company also want to embark on this philanthropic adventure ? In France or abroad, with people in situations of precariousness or disability: discover how to support the humanitarian associations of optics !

Glass after glass, mount after mount


No matter the size of your business, you can help humanitarian eyewear organizations on your scale! Indeed, they are always looking for human, financial or material resources .

Humanitarian eyewear associations are still searching:

  • From frames, new and used,
  • Ophthalmic lenses, whatever the correction and the treatments,
  • Solar equipment to European standards,
  • Hygiene and maintenance products,
  • Instruments for examinations and diagnosis of vision.


Beyond this material aspect, they are also looking for arms!
You and your teams can volunteer for these human projects.
In general, the skills you need are:

  • Communication,
  • Training,
  • The event,
  • The medical and paramedical
  • Logistic,

All good wishes can be helpful!


Amongst these humanitarian eyewear associations , we present VisionSoliDev , a major player in the "fight against avoidable blindness" that works hand-in-hand with more than 25 other associations and organizations .

"It changes everything, a pair of glasses"

This quote from a precarious person sums up what an optical device can do: change a life!

It is, so to speak, this creed that was created VisionSoliDev : Vision Solidarity Development. This association works to facilitate access to vision health and glasses, in France and internationally. His team is composed mainly of ophthalmologists, optometrists, volunteer opticians, and other professionals and students of vision.

Since its creation in 2011, more than 3500 adults and children in precarious or disabled situations have had access to visual health and have seen their quality of life improve.

However, while VisionSoliDev has the support of many partners, there is never enough, so much remains to be done! Do not hesitate to contact them and follow their actions on Facebook and Twitter .


As you will have understood, the actions to be implemented to support the humanitarian associations of optics are numerous and depend only on your "means". If in doubt, contact them to find out how you can help them!