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Advising your clients: conjunctivitis

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Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. It can be of bacterial, viral or allergic origin. It can also occur because of a foreign body. Here are some tips for your customers who suffer from it.

Symptoms and possible complications of conjunctivitis.

Whatever its origin, conjunctivitis is characterized by an inflamed eye , red at the white level. The eyelids tend to swell and the urge to scratch is strong. Of course, these highly unpleasant sensations are accompanied by a large flood of tears.

However, conjunctivitis can have various causes. It is therefore necessary to be able to detect the few symptoms relating to these causes. Thus, bacterial conjunctivitis is characterized by the presence of pus, something that is not found in other types of conjunctivitis. It can, in addition to itching, cause photophobia .

It is also this type of conjunctivitis that is contagious. It is advisable to be very careful not to transmit it, even after cure, the bacterium being able to be transmitted during a few days.

As its name indicates it, the allergic conjunctivitis occurs after having been in contact with allergens. It can therefore be highly seasonal, when allergy season is here, but not only.

You can suffer from allergies all year round depending on the type of allergen. Some of them remain easily identifiable (animal hair, specific products…) while others often require further investigation (mites, dust…) These so-called perennial allergies can therefore cause conjunctivitis allergic all year round.

Conjunctivitis can cause complications, such as abscesses or keratitis . The latter can then cause a decrease in visual acuity.

What advice to treat well?

The first advice to give is to consult a specialist. The latter will be able to determine the origin of the conjunctivitis. Emphasize making an appointment early, trying not to scratch, and not wearing lenses while waiting for treatment.

Certain activities, such as swimming , are to suspend the time for treatment. Also advise not to wear make-up, especially if there is a risk of contagion.

The treatment consists of administering a few drops of eye drops . The composition of the latter will be determined by the cause of the conjunctivitis, hence the importance of consulting.

eye drops

For the application, advise to:

  • Check the maximum shelf life after opening the bottle.
  • Wash your eyes well before each application of eye drops.
  • Clean glued eyes with conjunctivitis using compresses soaked in boiled water or saline solution.
  • Clean the eyes with saline solution or with a preservative-free antiseptic cleansing solution.

These tips may prove useful for your clients and will help to defuse the situation. Indeed, treated in time and with care, conjunctivitis is benign. However, it should not be taken lightly.

Source: Optician by Conviction