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France Optique, “On October 25, 2022, Eyes-Road celebrates its 20th anniversary! »

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For our EEIG, and more specifically its administrators and members, but also for the Eyes-Road team, this event allows us to think about the path traveled since 2002 but also to project ourselves on the road to be traced for years to come.

EDI standardization in the optical industry is now mature. The entire profession is therefore in a position to use the various standards on a daily basis in the exchange of operational flows.

In the extension of standardization work, the EEIG Eyes-Road is proud to have promoted and deployed solutions allowing the entire community of players in our sector of activity to exchange quickly, reliably and securely all dematerialized documents related to flows between suppliers and sellers.

Eyes-Road can be proud of to have, over the years, brought ever more users to EDI for a benefit and a common interest.

The EEIG, under the impetus of its new governance, is now mobilized to structure and strengthen its organization, its offer and plan its new developments.

To celebrate its 20 years but also to share its news, the EEIG Eyes-Road wishes to go, as every year, to meet the press professional.

The new Governance of Eyes-Road

On June 8, 2022, during the General Meeting, the members of the EEIG renewed part of its Supervisory Board with the arrival of,

  • Arnaud Devilder , France Director of Marchon Eyewear.
  • Thierry Loubet , Deputy Managing Director of Ophtalmic Compagnie.

At the end, the members of the Supervisory Board elected their new Bureau for a period of three years, which is now composed of,

  • Ludovic Tassy , Director of Information Systems for Alain Afflelou Franchisor, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
  • Stéphane Hillairet , Manager of the Reflex Group, Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
  • Alexandre Rivallain , Back Office Director of the Centrale des Opticiens, Manager of the EEIG Eyes-Road.
  • Philippe Cellier , General Secretary of the Eyes-Road EEIG.

Under the control of the Supervisory Board, which brings together representatives of the various colleges of optical professionals, this new governance carries the project for the essential organizational and operational development of Eyes-Road.

A whole range of “tutorials” intended for opticians and manufacturers

So that users of the Eyes-Road platform can gain in efficiency and autonomy in accessing and distributing catalogs, we have put online:

  • Three tutorials for opticians to address and answer the following questions:
    • Discover access to catalogs and dedicated tutorials. »
    • How do I register to receive your supplier catalogs for free? »
    • How to download your catalogs with Autonomie? »
  • Four tutorials for manufacturers to answer the following questions:
    • How can I distribute my catalogs in EDI? »
    • How do I manage permissions for Catalogs 365 customers? »
    • how can i create a mailing list? »
    • How can I send my catalog to the created mailing list? »

Eyes-Road news

  • Three major audits were carried out in 2022 for:
    • validate the GDPR compliance of the data exchanged on the Eyes-Road platform,
    • check and measure the quality of the technical environment of Eyes-Road in the context of cyber security,
    • validate the Eyes-Road business continuity plan (commitment to resume business in 4 hours).
  • Continuation of meetings with industrial sales teams in order to familiarize them with the benefits of EDI. During these meetings, we discuss the fundamentals of EDI, the various EDI messages (catalogues, orders, sales information, delivery notices and invoices), the operation of the Eyes-Road platform and the ten key points to convince opticians to use the EDI.
  • Communication related to the 20th anniversary of Eyes-Road: 6 posts broadcast on social networks recalling the key dates and stages of the EEIG followed by a closing video with the same broadcast.
  • Ever-increasing communication and visibility of Eyes-Road:
    • on social networks and the web with nearly 5,200 fans and subscribers eager to follow our EEIG,
    • the Eyes-Road Instagram account is increasingly appreciated by optical professionals; daily interaction helps to gain subscribers and improve the quality of publications; more than 500 views on average per publication…
    • the tenfold increase in traffic on the Eyes-Road blog, generated in particular by the “files” section, which brings together more extensive and historical articles by theme.

Eyes-Road's key figures to date

  • 16,827 opticians connected, including 14,007 in France.
  • 290 members/customers using the platform divided into,
    • 20 distributors,
    • 21 publishers,
    • 237 manufacturers including,
      • 17 contactology laboratories,
      • 43 glassmakers,
      • 177 eyewear,
    • 12 others.
  • 10.8 million electronic orders processed over the last twelve months (October 2021 to September 2022).
  • 731 OPTOv11 catalogs available.

Article published on www.france-optics.com on October 25, 2022.

Press relations: Vincent Lepape – v.lepape@eyes-road.com