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La Revue des Opticiens, “Eyes-Road is 20 years old”

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Eyes-Road is 20 years old

The EEIG, which facilitates electronic data interchange (EDI) within the sector, celebrated its 20th anniversary on 25 October. The opportunity to review the path taken and to take stock of the Group's news.

Eyes-Road was created in 2002 with the aim of developing EDI in the optical market. Two decades later, the bet has paid off with 10.8 million electronic orders processed over the last 12 months. On the user side, 16,827 opticians are connected, including 14,007 in France and 290 members/customers use the platform. Among the latter, there are 20 distributors, 21 software publishers, 237 manufacturers (17 contactology laboratories, 43 glassmakers, 177 eyewear manufacturers) and 12 others. More than 730 OptoV11 catalogs are available.

A new Governance

For 20 years, seven presidents have succeeded one another at the head of the Groupement, always with the same objective and the same vision, which allowed continuity in all the work carried out. In June, the Supervisory Board elected its new Bureau for 3 years. Ludovic Tassy (Director of Information Systems for Alain Afflelou Franchisor) is the Chairman, assisted by Stéphane Hillairet (Manager of the Reflex Group), Vice-Chairman, Alexandre Rivallain (Back Office Director of the Centrale des Opticiens), Manager of the EEIG Eyes-Road and Philippe Cellier, Secretary General of EEIG Eyes-Road.
While the Group's original main mission has been accomplished, this new governance will focus on the organizational and operational development of Eyes-Road with in particular the implementation of new tools in line with new technologies.

A wealth of news

This year, at the request of certain members, Eyes-Road carried out three audits. The first was to validate the GDPR compliance of the data exchanged on the platform and the latter's business continuity plan (resumption of activity in 4 hours in the event of a problem). The quality and technical environment of Eyes-Road in the context of cybersecurity was also verified and measured. All these audits demonstrated that the platform was robust and responded to all legal issues.

In addition, Eyes-Road offers opticians and manufacturers tutorials to support them in accessing and distribution of catalogs. To communicate even more effectively, the EEIG goes to meet industrial sales teams to familiarize them with the advantages of EDI and encourage them to talk to opticians about it. And to increase its visibility, Eyes-Road is present on social networks and on the web thanks in particular to its blog. Finally, for its 20th anniversary, six posts are posted on these social networks recalling the key dates and stages of the EEIG. They will be followed by a closing video.

Article published on www.larevuedesopticiens.com on November 2, 2022.

Press relations: Vincent Lepape – v.lepape @eyes-road.com