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The actors and the news of standardization ...

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For nearly 20 years, the EDI-Optique Association aims to,

● Design national and international standards to facilitate electronic business exchanges for the optical sector.
● Promote the use of data exchanges.

The EDI-Optique Association brings together seventy-three members grouped into three colleges

● Distributors (central purchasing and signage),
● Manufacturers (contact laboratories, eyewear and glassmakers),
● Providers (software publishers, service companies).

Eyes-Road, since its origin, is present within this association of standardization and participates regularly and actively in the works for which are mobilized the representatives of the adherent companies.

In 2014, the EDI Optique Association will have organized more than fifty meetings (Boards of Directors, Technical Committees, Steering Committees and Working Groups), or two hundred hours of meetings.

The priority works of the EDI Optique Association for the year 2015 are as follows

● Completion of the development of the OPTO Démat project with, among others,
o the development of an invoice validator,
o the study of the automatic reconciliation between invoices and delivery notes,
o Deploying vaults and vendor solutions.

● Publication of the OPTOAMCv2.0 standard and update of the electronic catalog validator.

● Creation of a pilot group of eyewear with the aim of doubling the mount controls,
o accelerating the deployment of electronic catalogs frames,
o studying the processes and messages of order and automatic reassortment (sales information),
o Standardizing the formats of frame images and the attachment of shapes.

● Update the OPTOv34 billing standard for,
o the consideration of international needs,
o the integration of the latest tax dematerialization standards.

● Update the OPTOv33 standard and generalize the use of electronic delivery bulletins to increase,
o productivity (no more re-keying, automatic matching),
o reliability (reduction of errors),
o traceability (follow-up of the quote to the delivery, UDI),
o profitability (back-stock reduction, restocking process).

● Launch and communication around the eCertificate.

● Updated the OPTOv11 standard for catalogs for lenses, frames, lenses and other products.

In 2015, these seven points alone represent nearly twenty meetings … " this could be a beginning of explanation to the time needed to establish a standard, right? "