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The most viewed optical articles in 2021

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The Eyes-Road optical blog has been around for quite a few years now. It is a tradition, at the beginning of each year, to present to you the optical articles that you have consulted the most during the year which has just passed. 2021 is no exception to the rule: we immediately present to you the top 3 of our most read articles. We don't forget to wish you a Happy New Year as well!

Eye color: the top most viewed optical articles


Let's get rid of the suspense right away, the most acclaimed article reaches far beyond optical professionals. It's about ' Eye color and heredity: how does it work?' The question of eye color has always been particularly debated, when it was first thought, several centuries ago, that it was a translation of the soul. It is, as we now know, first of all a question of genetics . Heredity plays a certain role, but not a systematic one.

It is above all the different versions of the same gene, called 'alleles', which will impact the color of our iris. But we won't tell you more, we'll let you read the article, especially if you haven't already!

Blue light, intense and disturbing!

Two articles with blue light as the subject take place on the podium! Once again, we understand that, for the generation that grew up with everything digital, the theme is passionate and worried. Because it is clear that we have never spent so much time in front of the screens. If the latter are constantly improving, anti-blue light devices have become the priority for many professionals and customers.


Our second place article aims to differentiate anti-fatigue and anti-blue light glasses . Anti-blue light treatments are widely democratized and systematically offered to customers who wish to equip themselves with optical frames. Worn occasionally, anti-fatigue devices are aspherical and have a slight correction on the lower part of the lens, much like progressive lenses. They serve to limit visual strain and minimize visual fatigue .

The other article this time concerns contact lenses . This article mentions the beginnings of anti-blue light lenses. Since its publication, many manufacturers have largely embarked on this path. From now on, this type of lens is continuously developing to position itself as a must-have product on the market.

This year we will continue to offer a variety of content to optical professionals and to all those who wish to know more about the sector, but also visual health. See you soon on the Eyes-Road blog!