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The Essential of Optics, "Eyes-Road celebrates 15 years! "

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Eyes-Road celebrates 15 years!

Article published in the Essentiel de l'Optique of November 2017.

The sector can pride itself on being particularly leading edge in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). For 15 years now, the Eyes-Road EEIG has been able to mobilize the profession, suppliers as opticians, around the tremendous productivity gains thus generated. Today Eyes-Road presents its latest innovation: "Sell Out". Refining the interaction between sales and production. A real strategic key.

Facilitating and developing computerized data exchanges within the sector: this is the goal of the EEIG Eyes-Road (European Economic Interest Group) headed by Philippe Cellier for fifteen years. It is from its secure platform that industrialists and opticians communicate. Catalogs, orders, delivery notes and invoices are exchanged every day according to the standards set by the EDI Optics Association.

More than 11500 opticians are now connected to the platform. Two thirds download the catalogs, a third teletransmet. In a year, 10 million orders have passed through Eyes-Road. More than 1300 free downloadable electronic catalogs representing 120 manufacturers are updated in real time and cover a very broad spectrum of the offer. Training "webinars" are available to opticians to better understand all the functions of the device.

Presented at the SILMO, the "Sell Out" is the new Eyes-Road service: highly anticipated by opticians, this initiative allows retailers to communicate their sales information, allowing suppliers to better identify trends and better target their offerings, which ultimately should allow personalized support points of sale profitable to all

This "Sell Out" service is indeed likely to refine all interactions between sales and production: better inventory management for some (automatic restocking), visibility on sales in time real for others. A win-win relationship that boosts everyone's productivity by better anticipating market reactions. Do not be fooled: this is, for all stakeholders, a real strategic key.

Eyes-Road continues to lead its spectacular mission as a facilitator in the service of the industry.

Results of the satisfaction survey conducted in early 2017.

• The positioning of the price of the Eyes-Road service is considered satisfactory for more than three quarters respondents
• 87% of respondents are satisfied / very satisfied with Eyes-Road's commercial responsiveness
• 72% of respondents are satisfied / very satisfied with the readability and understanding of the Eyes-Road offer.
• More than nine-tenths of those surveyed are satisfied / very satisfied with the responsiveness of technical support in responding to their request for intervention
• 96% of respondents are satisfied / very satisfied with the reliability of the platform
• 90% of respondents are satisfied / very satisfied with the platform's response time.
• 97% of respondents are satisfied / very satisfied with the technical expertise of stakeholders

Press relations: Dominique Cattezd.cattez@eyes-road.com