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L'OL [MAG], "EDI orders are attracting more and more opticians"

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EDI orders are attracting more and more opticians

The Eyes-Road EEIG, which brings together more than 90% of the main industrial players, distributors and publishers of software deployed in stores, noted an increase in flows in 2020 despite the closure of optical stores for the duration of the first confinement.

The growth dynamic of EDI exchanges observed in recent years continues. To date, more than 15,500 opticians are connected to the Eyes-Road platform. Since January, Eyes-Road has seen a 14% increase in opticians (vs. 2019) who place orders (nearly 6,000) as well as an 8% increase (vs. 2019) who download catalogs (more than 2,000). Over the last three fiscal years, the volume of exchanges has thus increased by more than 15%, which represents some 11 million electronic orders.

Eyes-Road hopes to finalize the developments related to GDPR compliance to aim for “Eyes-Road Compliant GDPR” status. The forthcoming implementation of new manufacturer codes is also a key point of its topicality. The organizations in the sector (CIO, EDI-Optique, Eyes-Road, Fnof, Gifo, Rof and Synom) have combined their skills within a dedicated “taskforce”. This working group gave birth to the OPTOLPP standard. The IDDIC application, developed by Eyes-Road, is now modified to allow eyewear and glass manufacturers to upload their OPTOLPP files to the technical platform in order to send them to opticians for the identification of products to be reimbursed. [= ]
Eyes-Road is finally developing meetings with manufacturers to familiarize them more with the benefits of EDI. During these meetings, the fundamentals of EDI, the various possible messages (catalogs, orders, sales information, delivery notices and invoices), the operation of the Eyes-Road platform and a memento are discussed. of “10 key points to convince opticians to use EDI”.

Article published on www.opticien-presse.fr on December 4, 2020.

Press relations: Vincent Lepape – v.lepape@eyes-road.com