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Optics and 3D printing: these brands that made the choice

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In many industries and businesses, and the world of optics is no exception, 3D printing is now at the heart of research and development . In recent years, many brands have chosen to work this way, for many reasons. Optics and 3D printing , the marriage seems on track. Overview

Optics and 3D printing, endless possibilities

Thanks to 3D printing, many technical and technological constraints are removed. Some designs can only be made through this technology .

So a whole new world is opening for creators, like the Germans of ic! Berlin whose imagination has no limit, especially with the range I See Exoskeleton .

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On the other hand, 3D printing allows each customer to get a 100% unique and personalized pair of glasses.

The Dutch eyewear manufacturer Your Eyewear offers this guarantee, with 100% adjustable frames to ensure unmatched comfort.

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If one often puts forward the traditional manufacturing methods, one must recognize that the future is good.

Protos Eyewear has developed its own 3D printing software to perfectly match frames to customers' faces while offering ranges with an original design.

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A change of style … and a responsible approach

3D printing is therefore the guarantee of a different offer for customers. Some of them like to have a choice, so what would be their reaction if we told them we could change their mounts without even changing them?

The English brand Wire Glasses found the solution, still thanks to 3D printing.

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With its Wires 2.0 range, it offers the possibility to interchange frames and lenses for endless possibilities . In addition, the materials used and the 3D printing make it possible to reduce the waste.

There are thus more and more industrials ready to skip the step of the 3D printing, even to work with this technique.

Given the multitude of benefits it offers, there is no doubt that we are just at the beginning …
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