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[Health] Red eyes: how to effectively treat?

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Having red eyes makes it easy to feel like you're in a state of intense physical fatigue. If the causes are numerous and the gravity often relative, it is necessary to attach some attention to it , under penalty of risking other afflictions, much more worrying this time.

Diverse and varied origins

The red eye is most often due to infection or inflammation of three components of the eye, the cornea, the sclera and the conjunctiva. The eye is constantly subjected to many aggressions , such as smoke, dust, pollution, wind or light that can cause these inflammations. One can also add to this list fatigue, allergies, alcohol and wearing lenses.

But other causes, less benign, may explain a reddening of the eye . This is the case of conjunctivitis or hemorrhage due to the bursting of a vessel. More importantly, a recurrent red eye may be a symptom of glaucoma . In general, we associate a blurring vision and a narrowing field of vision.


Do not take them lightly

Even with a mild cause, having red eyes should not be taken lightly. If they are a result of fatigue, long screen work or exposure to an abusive agent, do not hesitate to recommend the application of compresses soaked in fresh water or antibacterial liquid . In case of conjunctivitis or glaucoma, it is imperative to turn to your doctor who will prescribe an antibiotic or betablocking eye drops.

Simple but effective rules


In all cases, to avoid causing red eyes , do not hesitate to provide the most common, but often the most effective, tips, such as wearing goggles for sports (swimming , cycling …), solar summer and winter, to take regular breaks when working on screen, to use anti-blue light glasses or to have impeccable hygiene when it comes to wearing contact lenses .

And what advice do you give your clients to treat red eyes ?