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FILE Connected Glasses for Seniors: A Revolution for Well-being and Safety

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In a world of constant technological evolution, the challenges linked to the aging of the population are finding innovative responses. Smart glasses are no longer limited to improving vision, they are becoming essential allies for the safety and well-being of older people . Let's discover how connected glasses for seniors, developed in partnership with remote assistance experts, offer much more than simple visual corrections, but also peace of mind for those wishing to maintain their autonomy at home, as well as for their loved ones. By diving into the details of the French technology behind these glasses, we explore the future of optics and eyewear for aging well at home. One more example that vision goes well beyond visual clarity, and that it becomes a guarantee of security and serenity for our elders.

Connected Glasses for Seniors: 24/7 devices for security

At the time of writing, there are two devices on the market that stand out, developed by Atol and Ellcie Healthy .

All firstly, the Atol Zen connected glasses, developed by Atol opticians in partnership with Mondial Assistance and the French start-up Abeye, mark a significant step forward in taking care of the safety of the elderly. Designed to specifically meet the needs of seniors, these smart glasses incorporate a revolutionary anti-fall device, combining technology and personalized assistance.

Equipped with sophisticated sensors, Atol Zen glasses transcend the role traditional use of glasses by becoming a proactive tool for preventing falls among the elderly. These sensors, coupled with an advanced algorithm, make it possible to precisely differentiate between different types of falls, distinguishing in particular between a fall of the glasses and a fall of the wearer. The strategic collaboration with Mondial Assistance reinforces the effectiveness of the system. In the event of a fall detected, the glasses are connected to a terminal which ensures immediate contact with the operator. This responsiveness allows rapid and personalized intervention depending on the situation of the elderly person.

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Ellcie Healthy, a startup founded by Philippe Peyrard, an emblematic figure in the eyewear industry, is at the forefront of innovation with its multi-functional smart glasses. Before creating Ellcie Healthy in 2016, Philippe Peyrard already left his mark as Deputy Managing Director of Atol, where he played a key role in the development of the Téou frame, a pioneer in the field of connected glasses.[= ]

But the brand has mainly made itself known thanks to its Prudensee model, capable of detecting falling asleep while driving. Awarded the 2018 Road Safety Innovation Prize and an Innovation Award at CES 2019, these glasses detect and prevent signs of driver fatigue using advanced sensors and algorithms.

Since then, the brand launched Serenity , In collaboration with LAMHESS and Nice University Hospital, Ellcie Healthy has developed a solution using infrared sensors and GPS to detect falls and instantly trigger alerts for help or loved ones. Successfully tested at the Technopôle Alpes Santé à Domicile et Autonomie (TASDA), these glasses offer exceptional detection with a rate of 74% in general effectiveness and up to 86% for so-called heavy falls.

The versatility of Serenity glasses is not limited to fall detection alone. In addition to providing physical activity monitoring and a geolocation function, the glasses also make it possible, like Prudensee, to anticipate falling asleep while driving. This unique scalability in the field of connected objects distinguishes Ellcie Healthy by constantly offering new features without the need to change the mount with each update.

Fall prevention: a major public safety issue

Statistics highlight the critical importance of preventing falls among older adults. In fact, falls are the leading cause of accidents among people over 65, accounting for nearly 12,000 deaths per year. Thanks to connected glasses for seniors, manufacturers aim to significantly reduce these risks by offering a proactive solution adapted to the specific needs of seniors.

The aging of the population, marked by projections striking demographics, raises crucial issues regarding the quality of life of seniors. By 2040, estimates predict a 45% increase in the number of people aged 65 and over, and a significant increase of 72% for those over 80. Faced with these evocative figures, the concept of "Living at home" is positioned as a determining key to "living well" and "aging well".

According to an OpinionWay survey carried out in 2020 among those aged 65 and over, 97% of seniors express the desire to extend their life at home as much as possible. This aspiration to stay at home is closely linked to autonomy and mobility , considered essential elements by 91% and 72% of respondents respectively. Attachment to home intensifies with age, illustrating a growing concern for security in everyday life.

The study highlights another essential observation: concern for everyday safety increases proportionally with age. As seniors age, their need to feel safe at home becomes a central concern.

The genesis of Ellcie Healthy's Serenity glasses is also based on this alarming analysis statistics. Falls, the leading cause of fatal accidents among seniors, therefore inspired the creation of this revolutionary device.

At the dawn of inevitable demographic trends, connected glasses for seniors embody therefore proactive foresight to meet the challenges of “living well at home”. The holistic approach of this product, combined with the strategic collaboration with Bluelinea , a company specializing in home support for the elderly, heralds a significant change in the way in which society addresses the growing needs of seniors . Safety, autonomy and well-being come together to create a future where active aging is accompanied by a preserved quality of life within the home.

One more step towards security

In conclusion, the rapid evolution of eyewear technologies offers a glimmer of hope for seniors seeking to preserve their autonomy and well-being at home. At the intersection of innovation and the growing needs linked to the aging of the population, connected glasses are emerging as invaluable allies in the quest for “living well at home”.

Innovative initiatives are not limited to physical security, but also embrace crucial aspects such as the detection of neurodegenerative symptoms. Ellcie Healthy, with its holistic vision, explores various areas to anticipate future challenges linked to aging.

In summary, connected glasses for seniors stand out as pioneers in the creation of a future where active aging is synonymous with security , autonomy and well-being. As demographics shift, these innovations promise to redefine how we approach the challenges associated with old age, breathing new energy into the collective vision of "living well at home" for generations to come.

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