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Myodesopsia, floating bodies in front of the eyes!

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We have all had the impression that little flies were flying very close to our eyes. It is actually small floating bodies that pass in our eyes. This is called myodesopsia. This phenomenon is sometimes raised by patients who legitimately wonder. Here is some information in case of doubt.

Myodesopsia: an entoptic phenomenon

Myodesopsia is what is called an entoptic phenomenon. This means that it is a visual effect of which the eye is the source and which is caused by an agglomeration of cell debris in the vitreous. As we age, this cellular debris tends to increase. Although in most cases there is no need to worry, you should know that the appearance of these floaters can be the consequence of several aspects. Among them, stress and fatigue can greatly facilitate myodesopsia. Particularly when you spend a lot of time on the screens.

But the appearance of floaters can also mark the consequence of a vitamin deficiency (especially B12) or iron . After age 45, posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) can occur. The gel peels off and displaces cell debris into fine suspended particles. This phenomenon is favored by myopia.

Myodesosopia is very common, and a large number of people have already experienced it, sometimes without even realizing it. But as we have seen, it is sometimes necessary to worry about it because it is a signal that our body sends in the event of fatigue or stress.

However, in the event of constant and prolonged appearance, it is still advisable to propose an examination of the fundus with pupillary dilation in order to verify that there is no tear in the retina, as this increases the risk of detachment of the retina, which is much more serious.

How to get rid of it?

It is possible to act on myodesopsia. Indeed, as a marker of stress or deficiency, this phenomenon can be reduced. For this, it is necessary to advise people with the disease to favor rest, and this requires reinforced and quality sleep. The number of hours of sleep, while important, is not the only criterion to take into account. To benefit from a restful sleep, it is advisable to withdraw from the screens at least one hour before going to bed. Since screens are also causes of the accumulation of cellular debris, it is advisable to reduce their use as much as possible.

A balanced diet will help to fill vitamin deficiencies and iron. Foods rich in vitamin A, C and B12 are to be preferred. You can find a list of foods in our article on food .

Finally, if myodesopsia proves intolerable, surgery can be performed. It consists of removing the vitreous and replacing it with a physiological solution.