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We tested eye yoga online!

Reading time : 4 minutes

In an increasingly hectic world, the search for well-being has become the norm. In the face of stress and the vagaries of life, it is sometimes difficult to reconnect with your body. Several practices, such as cardiac coherence, aim, through small simple exercises, to begin a relaxation which, practiced regularly and over the long term, would be beneficial for health. Among these, eye yoga has made its way. We also dedicated an article to him in December 2018 . In recent years, mobile applications have been used to support those who want to start this practice. We have tested some of these apps.

Eye yoga: multiple applications

There are a multitude of applications intended to exercise the eyes. They are not available depending on the operating system your mobile uses. Indeed, if you are on Android or iOS, you will sometimes be offered different applications. However, they all work more or less the same way. In the "Eye Exercise" application, you will have immediate access to different exercise complexes depending on the time of day (morning, day, evening or break) and depending on any visual defect. Depending on the time you have, you can lengthen or shorten the exercise time (from 3 to 20 minutes).

You can directly choose the exercises that suit you (myopia, hyperopia or eye muscle training) and have access to your statistics? These are simply to determine the time spent on the application. Once started, the exercises are rather playful. It involves following a white dot, blinking your eyes very quickly, or following the directions to look in the desired direction. Others are not very practical, especially when it comes to focusing near or far (difficult if you are in the office or at home.) The free version is overwhelmed with advertisements, which does not not necessarily help to relax…

Simple and effective exercises?

When opening the iOS "Eyes Yoga" application (available on iPhone and iPad only), we are asked the reason for the download with 4 proposals:

  • Have a better view
  • Fight against fatigue
  • Take care of yourself
  • Gain in productivity

Note that the use of this application is chargeable (4.99 euros per month) but that it can be tested for free. It seems at first sight more complete. This time, the sessions are oriented in relation to the desired objective (invigoration, attention, relaxation, panorama). The exercises available are similar to the other applications (eye blinking, focus, eye movements) but can sometimes seem a bit long.

The Eye Relax app is the most minimalist of all. With a very modern and refined design and exclusively in English, it asks to follow very simple instructions based on the applications seen previously. A "play" button at the opening launches the exercises, another allows you to activate notifications and the third to pay to unlock other exercises.

What is the assessment for this online eye yoga?

There are no fundamental differences between all these applications, the objective remains the same. The exercises are therefore very similar. The choice of application will therefore focus more on other variables, namely the price, the interface and the ease of handling.

Perform these exercises on a regular basis can in any case help to strengthen his eye muscles. Like beginners in bodybuilding, we realize that our eyes are more accustomed to fixing points rather than doing gymnastics. The first exercises may cause difficulty if you are not used to it.

However, online eye yoga proves to be a simple accompaniment, in the same way as cardiac coherence or meditation times. Callback functions are very handy. However, it doesn't really seem necessary to exceed 5 minutes. Finally, it seems hardly conceivable that we can reduce visual defects thanks to mobile applications. To do this, it is above all necessary to wear the right devices and to spend as little time as possible on screens.