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You are a supplier, distributor or retailer, you are looking for a solution to manage your electronic catalogues, then this offer is made for you…

For whom?

You are manufacturers, suppliers (contact lens laboratory, frames manufacturer), distributors, groupments (brands) or central organizations in the world of optics? This offer is made for you.

iWiCatalog allows you not only to create your optical catalogs but also to distribute them to your partners and customers in one click, whatever the destination format (OPTO11, SF6/SF7, OptimEyes, Spectatris…).


For what purpose?

iWiCatalog offers many functionalities which are, among others,

  • the diffusion of products at a national or international level considering the characteristics according to local specificities,
  • the automatic translation of your product names into several languages,
  • the administration of prices by groupment, central organization or group of opticians,
  • the diversification of products into private labels,
  • the online availability of packaged products,
  • the export to specific OCAM formats for the French market,
  • the administration of specific data related to production or your IT systems,
  • the addition of additional marketing data,
  • the management of the visuals of your products,
  • the interconnection with existing information systems (ERP, PMS, LMS, etc.) or even Microsoft Excel© interfaces (management of product pricing for marketing services for example).


Your collaborators and yourself access to the iWiCatalog software online (SaaS), an intuitive interface on which you can manage the creation of your products catalog. All the actors, whether technical or marketing, can come to feed it in a collaborative way.

The fact of working in this way has several advantages,

  • saving time in creating and updating products: a single system now feeds and distributes information to all the others,
  • harmonization of the creation of the product sheets: iWiCatalog interfacing with all your other systems, this avoids a plethora of versions in different formats for one and same product sheet,
  • optimization of the time-to-market: after creation of your product on iWiCatalog, it is instantly generated in all the formats concerned (international standards, optician management software, ERP’s groupments…).


How much?

Our pricing is adapted to each type of actor in the world of optics: manufacturers, suppliers, groupments (brands), central organization… and is therefore modular according to the desired functionalities and specificities.

For a lens manufacturer, for example, wishing to access the SaaS service to create its products, import and export them in different formats and for different types of players (e.g. OCAM), the offer starts at €390/month.

More information on iWiCatalog: https://izysolutions.com/catalogue-edi-optique/