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Smart Glasses & Mixed Reality: the latest optical innovations

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As you know, at Eyes-Road, we love optical innovations . Technological progress fully participates in the expansion of an innovative and public utility sector . Every week, we discover a multitude of ideas that make the optical sector one of the most successful in this field. In this new article, we list some of these ideas, as diverse as they are promising. Happy reading!

Optical innovations: health first

The primary objective of the optical sector is of course to improve the conditions of human vision . This objective, to be linked with the ambitious ones of the World Health Organization , leads to an increase in funding for scientific research. The development of optical devices allowing quality of vision and increasing comfort are the leitmotif of many companies.

Among these, the Israeli company Deep Optics has developed a small revolution in way to create glasses . Omnifocal frames are the first dynamic focal length glasses.

Sensors attached to the frame analyze the pupil distance in real time in order to adjust the depth before sending the information to a mini processor which will calculate the exact distance between the wearer and the targeted object.

The necessary compensation is determined to provide absolute sharpness. This technology is associated with liquid crystal glasses capable of changing their refractive index in order to instantly apply compensation.

Here is a presentation video extract, in English (possibility of putting subtitles in French.)

Optical innovations against the health crisis

Much research has focused on the Covid-19 health crisis . The Chinese, for example, have developedRockid virtual reality glasses allowing them to determine the body temperature of passers-by.

The glasses from the company IpVenture aim to monitor the heart rate of the user and its variability, oxygen level, body temperature, activity level, respiratory and cough rate.


A tracker on a smartphone allows you to notify the user of their data. It will also warn if people encountered have been infected with Covid-19 .

In the event of infection, the digital assistant also provides advice on good health practices. If the user's health condition worsens significantly, the glasses can then directly alert medical personnel.

A mix between reality and augmented reality

When we talk about optical innovations , virtual reality is never far away. In this specific context, the real innovation is above all to combine the real and the virtual. This is what we call ' Mixed Reality ' and this is what the company Third Eye wants to do, with its X2-MR glasses (for Mixed Reality).

This concept allows professionals in health, public works, defense and many other sectors to use the advantages of virtual reality in their daily, real life.

Another advantage is the ability to share your screen in real time. This function is ideal for carrying out a complex operation as a team.

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Optical innovations, not just glasses

Optical innovations aim to improve visual health in its entirety. This is why certain devices are created to fight against eye afflictions.

This is the case of Tearcheck , a revolutionary device created by Esw-Vision , which aims to strengthen the diagnosis of dry eye.

This device makes it possible to detect areas of rupture on the surface of the tear film . Its performance does not stop there, since Tearcheck evaluates the hyperemia induced by the inflammatory phenomena characteristic of dry eye.

It can also detect the presence of the Demodex parasite, calculate the height of the tear meniscus and follow the patient's progress throughout his treatment. In short, a tool of capital importance for the fight against dry eyes.

All these innovations make it possible to improve living conditions, working conditions, productivity and safety. There is no doubt that in this new decade, the optical sector will continue to offer us high-performance innovations. We'll be here to let you know!