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Optics: 4 advantages to go free

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More and more opticians are now deciding to start their own business, for various reasons (want to do business, difficulties in finding a job, etc.). But if this activity has become so accessible, especially in the optics sector, it is also thanks to a well-honed strategy, called the franchise. We will explain everything to you !

What is the franchise?


The franchise is a system that allows someone (the franchisee ) to launch his store , while relying on a sign (the franchisor ), its methods, its standards, but also on its accompaniment. The franchisor will therefore give his franchisee a right to use his brand and know-how. In the optics , this system is very frequent and big brands practice it: Alain Afflelou , General of Optics , or Optical Center , in particular.

The system is therefore particularly suitable for beginner opticians , or a person who would like to convert to optics. It is indeed much less risky to start a franchise , than to open your own store! In contrast, franchisees are much less independent and must meet the standards of their franchisor, which can be a brake for opticians who want to innovate and make their own choices.

Franchise Stores: Why is it advantageous?


It will be understood, opening a franchise store has many advantages for the franchisee :

1 / Enjoy a fame

If the franchisor is already well established, as is the case of Générale d'optique or Alain Afflelou , you immediately benefit from his celebrity because you are integrated into his network. Specifically, porters will prefer to go to your store, rather than a sign they do not know.

2 / Take advantage of a know-how

You receive the products of your franchisor and benefit from its latest innovations, without having to develop them yourself.

3 / To be accompanied

If you're new to optics, you benefit from the support of a great brand, instead of having to manage everything yourself. Visual identity, communication, store decoration: everything has already been tested and optimized by your franchisor!

4 / Limit financial risks

It is much more profitable to integrate a group than to open one's own shop. You will benefit from higher profitability and faster investment, unlike a self-employed, who will struggle to afford the first years.

Franchise: the example of Alain Afflelou


Alain Afflelou is one of the European leaders of the optical franchise, with 1,400 stores worldwide, including 718 in France. He chose the franchise very early (in 1978) and is now part of the most media networks. Many opticians who are beginners or retrainers therefore choose to join him as a franchisee, to benefit from his strong identity, his innovative products, his commercial offers (Win-win, Tchin-tchin, etc.), as well as its latest generation digital tools. Virtual testing, glass simulator, dynamic measurement: innovations that an independent optician would find difficult to obtain, at least in the early years of his business.

To be part of the network Afflelou, there are still conditions to respect, including financial. The candidate must, for example, have a minimum personal contribution of € 30,000.