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Optical manufacturers: must we have a YouTube channel?

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optical youtube channel

The optics industry is not immune to the YouTube surge. Many actors have already seized this channel to boost their visibility and modernize their image. But is it really necessary? What do you really gain from integrating a YouTube channel into your marketing strategy? Some elements of answer!

An additional source of traffic

optical youtube channel

Online video is growing exponentially. According to a recent study , 80% of global web traffic will come from video content by 2019 . Every day, more than a billion hours of video are watched on YouTube ! We understand the impact of this platform to reach a large audience. YouTube is also the 2nd largest search engine and 3rd most visited site after Google and Facebook. Betting on this channel can be a great way to generate traffic , while improving its SEO .

Federate a community around its brand

In 2018, the nerve of war is capturing the attention of an increasingly volatile audience. Online video meets this objective. Playful, viral, it fits perfectly into a digital strategy focused on the optical sector . It is also a vector of the universe and the values ​​of a brand. This key point, the Générale d'Optique has understood by launching its own YouTube channel , which accounts for more than 2,620,000 views. Testimonials from collaborators, advertising saga, inspirational films … By promoting the human and by playing on the emotions, the sign has perfectly understood how to create a link with its community .

optical youtube channel

But the General d'Optique is not the only one to have seized this tendency. Among the precursors, there is also Optic 2000 and its almost 2000 subscribers on Youtube. On its channel , the brand shares its various commercials, but also videos that reflect its commitment to Telethon and Tour Auto. A great way to convey your values to your community and to express yourself differently.

The art and the way of animating a Youtube channel

Develop your audience, promote their offerings, create an attachment around their brand … Here are some good reasons to create a YouTube channel when you are an optical industry ! But for this strategy to work, remember to stick to a few key principles. Set up a clear editorial line, define a frequency of publication, moderate the comments of subscribers … Without forgetting to propose v creative and original ideas , likely to be shared. Your e-reputation will thank you!

optical youtube channel

As you can see, having a YouTube channel can be a real asset to your business. It is still necessary to adopt good practices to exploit the full potential of this communication channel 😉