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Influencers and Opinion Leaders: a good idea?

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Able to federate a large community around his personality, but especially its content on social networks or more broadly on the web (blog, personal website …), the influencer is has become crucial for many brands. As proof, two-thirds of them now integrate them into their digital strategy. Who are they ? What is their specific role? Are there optical influencers? We are trying to find out more.

Optical Influencer: What is an influencer?

Influencers can be categorized into three different categories: opinion leaders, celebrities and consumer actors . These three categories have several common features, including their increased web presence , a large and loyal community, and most importantly, an ability to influence the buying behavior of the community.

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The principle is the same for all three: by using the recommendation effect , they share content, engage with brands, interact with their community, sometimes live, collects information and promote through this content marketing strategy.

Another common point is the trust of their subscribers and followers. This number of subscribers is relatively large and increases exponentially.

Of course, celebrities are recognized for another activity that their presence on social networks: sport, mode, cinema …

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The difference between an opinion leader and a consumer is the way to consume. The consumer is more of an informed consumer. He is generally more reflective of his consumer behavior, and therefore often more invested in the co-design of the offer.

The opinion leader has an approach more related to sharing his own experience, using techniques from press or public relations. Less inclined to make his purchase a political act, it is naturally one that is most sought after by brands.

Opinion leader: the interesting power of recommendation

It is estimated today that nearly 75% of consumers , before going to the act of purchase, consult social networks. The power of recommendation of a thought leader can no longer be ignored.

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Their role is to strengthen the image of a brand, present the products, boost the digital strategy. Faced with the commercial rhetoric of companies that are multiplying, the power of recommendation is a better guarantee of trust for the consumer.

This power is even more important than the opinion leader is an enthusiast and he often embellishes his experience with a certain authenticity, anecdotes and humor. As a bonus, it can respond to users' queries with precision and accuracy, thus resolving the latest consumer objections .

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Finally, their visibility reinforces the visibility of brands. Negotiating a regular partnership is therefore essential for them.

And the optics in all this?

The optics industry has long used celebrities as galleries to showcase its products.

Like many other industries he logically turned to opinion leaders.

A real innovation in recent years, photochromic glasses are very often tested by bloggers, especially for driving and sports.

[ =] Absolute star of the web, Squeezie admitted to be daltonism . Enchroma , a specialist in anti-color glasses , sent him a pair of sunglasses so he could test it on video. This one, published in June 2017, has been seen more than 5 million times.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-K2gDm44zM [/ embed]

The blog The Box Glasses offers solar tests , but also complete records and the ability to buy directly through their site. A good way to highlight its products.

The Gamer Lunette site has focused on the frames for those who spend a significant time on the screens to give to the passion of video games. The anti-blue light glasses are scrutinized.

In 2017, the Institut Supérieur d'Optique invited 10 influencers to come and create their own pair of glasses to make them discover the world of optical-eyewear , but also to promote the profession.

https://youtu.be/wmoqzbH1dgo [/ embed]

Turning to opinion leaders therefore involves many benefits, but can still be dangerous in the event of a bad return. Be careful not to see this strong influence turn against you.