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Instagram: the eldorado for eyewear

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instagram-eldorado-for opticians

If it's been around for a few years now, Instagram may be the social network that has evolved the most in recent months. What is more to prove in any case is its incredible propensity to become the number one network , all categories combined. A boon for the optics-eyewear sector . Yes, Instagram is a kind of Eldorado for our eyewear.

Instagram and eyewear: a story that works!

In a few months, Instagram has been constantly evolving its algorithm and how to highlight some users, so there is no need to be known worldwide, or to have a budget communication pharamineux to put on the table to spam users

There are a multitude of ideas to highlight its products. Ideas that have already proven successful for some brands. There are a lot of tricks that let you play with details and beat the competition.

Many brands are now on Instagram. Some examples with JFRey , Le Petit Lunetier and infiniteyewear :

instagram-eldorado-to-lunetiers2 @JFRey @lepetitlunetier @infiniteyewear [/ caption]

The ability to communicate with your target is infinite!

Tools to highlight and generate interaction

Here are some of the tools and tips that will help you make the difference:

Pro Account : On Instagram, you have the option to edit your profile into a business account. And that, whether you are a young designer or a globally recognized brand. On the menu, statistics to better know your audience, link to their own website or possibility to add the shop tool.

[Caption id = "attachment_10354" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] instagram-eldorado-to-lunetiers3 @Pixabay [/ caption]

Stories : Derived from ephemera snaps of the Snapchat application, stories are the number one element to create interaction on Instagram . Quizzes, quizzes, user-generated content sharing, votes, direct link to your site, content in the front page … There are many benefits if you know how to use them.

Boutique Tool : More need to go through the site, everything can be purchased now via the Instagram application. It is a time saver that may seem laughable but essential in the decision making of some prospects.

Tags : Are you starting a collaboration with another brand? Put it forward, and ask your partner to do the same. You'll get twice as many people.

[Caption id = "attachment_10355" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] instagram-eldorado-to-lunetiers4 @Pixabay [/ caption]

Hashtags : Used in an intelligent way, hashtags have an inestimable power, that of directing the users towards your publications . Feel free to be as specific as possible, to try new ones, or to subscribe to some of them, those that seem essential to your brand.

Location : In an area where the side local is again very important, do not hesitate to mention it. This will not block your posts in your area. On the contrary, it will allow you to create, strengthen your community, and thus create interaction . And do not forget, the most important thing is interaction .

Advertisements : There is something for every budget. It's you who drive. And the visibility is consistent if they are used wisely.

In short, no company can decently do without Instagram. It is the most powerful tool to develop its brand image, even its after-sales service. It is necessary to devote a non negligible time. This is the very definition of an eldorado.

And where are you on Instagram?