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Contact Lenses: How to advise your customers?

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contact lenses

Less cumbersome than glasses, contact lenses are becoming more and more popular with customers! But not everyone has the same knowledge of contact and many of them may feel lost when making their choice. We give you some tips to guide them.

Contactology: many benefits

The number of contact lens wearers is increasing because they offer benefits in terms of vision correction and lifestyle . The major advantage of these devices: a wider field of vision compared to conventional glasses lenses, allowing a clear and precise peripheral vision. Their invisible nature also allows customers who wish to ignore their vision problems and, more generally, to feel better (the wearing of glasses is not to everyone's taste).

contact lenses

Another advantage of the contactology : it adapts particularly to the most sporting customers. In case of regular or intensive activity, they are reassured: their lenses will not let go! Colored, they also offer to customers the possibility of c hanger look in a few minutes …

Many optical professionals have understood these benefits and already offer contact lenses in their catalog. This is the case, for example, of Optical Center , Krys and Optic 2000 , which has also invested in the color lens sector.

To each customer his type of contact lenses

contact lenses

There are different types of contact lenses :

  • Rigid lenses, which are characterized by their high permeability to oxygen and have an average life of two years.
  • Soft lenses , which are characterized by their high water content and require a more frequent renewal (some are even for daily and single use).

The choice of lens type therefore depends on the visual defect, preferences and, again, the client's lifestyle. In all cases, they must have been prescribed by an ophthalmologist .

The importance of maintenance

Contact lenses require careful maintenance ! Wash your hands before each use, use only the prescribed cleaning product, clean every night, strictly respect the duration of use … Practical advice that you can deliver to your customers.

contact lenses

Today, contactology makes it possible to correct most of the visual defects and offers an interesting alternative to wearing classic glasses. Talk to your customers!