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Optics concepts for seniors

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The silver economy is not surprisingly one of the growth markets in the field of optics: over sixty years account for more than a quarter of the French population. In these seniors, it is rare not to have visual trouble, presbyopia in mind. To allow everyone to age better, the world of optics develops business and optical concepts for seniors. Connected glasses, high-tech devices dedicated, gerontechnology is running!

Jobs that evolve to adapt to seniors

Optics professionals tailor offers and practices to surf the wave of the papyboom .
Alain Afflelou, for example, is developing senior offers , including an extension of his Win-Win package and the launch of a daily disposable lens for presbyopes. For its part, Atol announced the launch of a Senior Care offer. This range of dedicated equipment and services will offer new offers to dependent and isolated seniors .


We were talking about it recently, home optics is another clear illustration of this market shift . Particularly suitable for people with reduced mobility and dependency, it can offer a saving of time and comfort to the elderly for whom moving has become a constraint. In-house optics is booming, combining competitive rates with innovation and quality of service.
In the midst of a debate about the issuance of prescriptions for visual disorders, the profession of optometrist could also tend to develop. It could offer an alternative in terms of visual examinations and equipment adapted to everyday life.

High-tech equipment for the elderly

Seniors today are a majority to find it preferable to grow old in their home rather than retirement home. To make this possible, the optical industry now offers equipment dedicated to preserving autonomy and improving comfort .

The loupes become electronic and ultra-light to accompany the daily reading. Tele-magnifiers are equipped with speech synthesis and allow people with major vision problems to read mail, newspapers, or write a letter.

Other improvements in everyday life: a lamp that varies its lighting increases the contrast, minor problem but very uncomfortable faced by the elderly. Connected and geolocalisable glasses Téou from Atol ; Atol will also soon offer glasses that will warn relatives in case of fall of the wearer.


Major development in the support of people suffering from AMD, the company LightVision has developed augmented reality glasses equipped with a camera. These detect the still healthy part of the retina and display the right images in the right place, thus completing the patient's vision.

In short, state-of- the-art answers to issues related to comfort and care. With an expected population aging until 2025, it's a safe bet that we are only in the early stages of what some are already calling the "gray gold" economy.