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The stakes of merchandising in optical stores

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Merchandising is present today in all highly competitive sectors and therefore also in optical shops …

Merchandising in optical shops is the setting up of a particular scenography of the point of sale which allows an improvement of the performances. The idea here is to take into account the behavior of the customers in order to optimize the functioning of the shop.
We distinguish 7 keys for the merchandising in the optical shops :

  • the showcase , which must illustrate the image and identity of the store and encourage people to return.
  • the layout , practical for the optician and for the customer, who must pass in front of all the products.
  • lighting , for the atmosphere and the development of the products.
  • the offer : the segmentation put in place must be visible quickly.
  • the furniture .
  • communication , on animated screens for example, which have more impact than POS cardboard.
  • animation.


Merchandising in optical shops advocates creating roughness in exhibition wall panels, so that the eye stops on certain models put forward.
Did you know? you? On the same idea, we must create descents in the linear, with breaks every 60 to 80cm and it is recommended to place the most important products at a height between 90cm and 1m50!

To add a little well being in this medical world, the installation of a comfort or children's corner is often a good idea … Here is the play corner installed in the shop Iris Optique :


Finally, the use of sensory merchandising is spreading more and more, including olfactory merchandising . The smell emanating from the workshop is often perceived as negative and unconsciously taints the entire customer experience. Spreading a universal scent (tea, citrus) would reverse this trend and improve customer feedback …
Studies show that a good smell allows the brain to record more information about what surrounds it … which allows a better impact to the POS!


In this shop, for example, with a design inspired by New York loft spaces and with a mascot "Caribou", the owner of the place has chosen to create and diffuse a strong and tailor-made olfactory identity, woody, vanilla and powdered (production for Caribou Opticians by HBES Olfactive Adventures ).

Finally, the use of digital media , already mentioned here, is becoming more and more important in the merchandising of optics.


And you, what have you put in place in your shops to attract the eye of your visitors? 😉