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The Mutations of the Optics World

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This end of the decade is a test for many sectors. The changes in the world of optics are confronting the market with many changes. Decryption.

Changes in the world of optics: several axes of transformation!


In the first place, it is the product that is subject to change the way of working of the actors of the optics . Indeed, over time, the distinction frames / glasses tends to give way to offers " all in one .

An upheaval in a market where the separation between glassmakers and eyewear has often been a mainstay.

The grouping of some of these will undoubtedly lead to a complete review of the commercial chain.

But that says evolution of products also implies technical evolution … It is certainly the most radical change to come in the next ten years! In a world where the image reigns and the desire not to remain incognito , the optics does not aim only the same objectives as before (health, comfort, well-being). The connected telescope unfolds and forces all actors to position themselves.


Optical innovation brings a lot of uncertainties but will also lead to an inevitable extension of skills.

We are not forgetting 3D manufacturing, which is expanding and becoming more democratic, offering new perspectives whose exhaustive list is difficult to predict.

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Regarding the industrial question, the take-back of major brands , which tends to less subcontracting, is already launched, as the growth of private labels (MDD), positioning itself mainly on the marketing argument of "the best offer at the best price".

Customer service at the center of change

Faced with all these changes, what about the public?

Beyond the needs that have always been known, and in relation to transformations mentioned above, the new expectations of customers have already seen the confirmation of the implementation of a personalized service .

Mobile opticians , insurers acting as intermediaries, vending machines , computerized services and other optical corners present in any type of store, there are many ideas to offer products and services far removed from the usual course.

Once again, innovation will have its role to play in this area, particularly thanks to the combination of technical progress and medical progress, which will certainly allow us to review again our certainties and achievements, but also the way in which they will be presented to the public.

Of course, these are only various observations whose outcome is far from being known. The changes in the world of optics are far from over. One thing is certain: the coming years may be lively and hectic!