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Humanitarian Programs of Optics Professionals

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Visual health is considered by the World Health Organization as one of the areas where the levers for change are the strongest. Overview of the Humanitarian Programs of Optics

Humanitarian Programs of Optics: steps that are gaining momentum!

On several occasions, we have highlighted on our blog the voluntary, human and social initiatives of the actors in the optical sector , whether through the world day of sight , at the initiative of the international organization, or through other manifestations.

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Of course, eyeglass collection is still a tried and tested process that is still very active, or even growing, thanks to the work of associations such as glasses without glasses. Borders or Opticians Without Borders , who have been traveling to countries where there is a strong need since 1991.

Their missions? Providing equipment, creating clinics and, above all, training staff to carry out screenings and checks , especially with children.

Involve students in optics and confirmed professionals

The Higher Institute of Optics (ISO) , which trains the professionals of tomorrow, has chosen four areas to involve its students in these social and humanitarian approaches:

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  • A Public Health Action for Children, "The Teddy Hospital" which aims to explain the world of health to very young children (kindergarten and preparatory classes) by involving them: they go to the hospital with their favorite stuffed animal for administer the necessary care!

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  • A partnership to engage the poorest: With the help of the endowment fund EREEL (serving Europe's innovations to foster social link) and in collaboration with Pôle emploi , monthly sessions of " Image Consulting and Coaching" HR "are given to women and men in great precariousness, beneficiaries of the RSA or at the end of rights. An eye exam and corrected optical equipment is available if needed.
  • A major humanitarian action: the NGO Voir la Vie is developing optical care in West Africa to fight against blindness through prevention and awareness , but also through the training of medical staff. Here again, students expand their field of action. Opticians from all over France were also chosen to accompany them to Guinea last November.
  • A sports competition: ISO, along with its students in the 4L Trophy, is embarking on an automobile raid linking France and Morocco to bring school, medical or sports equipment to those who need it.

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One last word to mention VisionSoliDev , an association made up of ophthalmologists, opticians, optometrists and many volunteers from all fields whose goal is to prevent preventable blindness and help people in difficulty to cope with administrative difficulties (taking care of mutuals, state aids …) that can prevent them from getting a good visual protection.

If you want to support some of these associations, read our article on the subject .