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View: Optics specialists for sport

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Some eyewear companies have specialized in sports optics and offer eyewear ranges for their sports customers. Ski goggles, bike or pool goggles, these protective accessories can become real optical products for sport by adapting them to the customer's vision.

Articles dedicated to optics for sport

More resistant frames, integrated ventilation system, anti-shock treatment, climatic adaptability of the glasses, glasses dedicated to the sport are also an important sector for the innovation in eyewear.

This is the case of Demetz which offers a catalog of optics for sport quite complete and whose innovations are also regularly rewarded at SILMO gold.


Rudyproject , for its part, stands out for its sport sunglasses.


An offer that is becoming more democratic

Today, there are sporting optics offers for many opticians. Whether they are independent, like Sébastien Bétend ( whom we had already told you about in January ) or are part of big brands such as mutual opticians , the presence of these items in the shop illustrates a democratization.

Indeed, the appearance of this type of offer shows that this specialized equipment is no longer intended for professional sportsmen; hikers, occasional riders or "Sunday" cyclists, all also want to acquire comfort equipment from the start of their practice.

Always further in innovation

And if we combined the innovations? Oakley has released a model of connected ski goggles. Camera, Wi-Fi, speed and altitude indicator, UV filter, music player and smartphone connection, everything is integrated in this mask.

Next step, the ski mask connected with glass in sight? 🙂