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The Marketing Trends of Optics for 2019

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Who says new year says new trends! In marketing, the important thing is not to lag behind competitors, the best is even to have a time ahead. Downturn, concretization, novelties , we try to help you to see more clearly about the optical marketing trends that are emerging for 2019.

Optics Marketing Trends for 2019: Personalized and Dynamic Content!

Providing its clients with a tailor-made offer is the BA-BA of the consumer relationship. Putting them at the heart of an experience of their own is to go even further.


Account-Based Marketing is an approach that consists in focusing your sales and marketing resources on a defined set of target key accounts and develop personalized campaigns for each client.


To get the most out of it, collecting user data and machine learning are still very good tools.

2019: the year of robots?

Already very present, the chatbot are advertised as the pillars of conversational marketing.


By providing accurate and above all fast answers to consumers, they become essential when you want to set up an effective customer service .

They are mostly in constant evolution , and some of them can even guide the consumer throughout his buying process.

The robot is certainly able to answer, but it listens just as well, and 2019 may well be the year of voice research .

Again, although its existence has long been obvious, the emergence of voice assistants has redistributed the cards.

So you have every interest in optimizing your brand and your campaigns so that they are accessible to voice search .

Heal your e-reputation will always be trend

Today, more than 25% of consumers read reviews before making a decision. So it is even more true than before: a service to small onions can only have advantages!

The beautiful experiences are always shared , make it yours. [ =]


It's even more true that Google has decided to toughen its SEO policy , especially for brands. The expertise, the reliability, the quality of the contents , but also the protection of the private life will be closely scrutinized.

This last point will be an argument of weight to be able to be referenced appropriately . You know what you have to do to make a difference.

Instagram, king of social networks


Essential stories, dynamic and interactive video format , the photo sharing app has it all today. Thanks to its simple and effective content , Instagram becomes a privileged communication channel for brands.

The spectacular evolution of the number of users is the formal proof.
[ =]

And it's not over since the application has successfully acquired a "shopping" feature!

So there is no more time to lose, it seems that it is from now on to Instagram that it is necessary to turn.

[= ] So what marketing trends do you want to focus on?