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Safety glasses: should you invest?

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We do not talk much about it, yet thousands of French professionals wear safety glasses daily. Opticians: Have you ever considered investing? We give you four good reasons to go there!

What are the safety glasses for?

Safety glasses are personal protective equipment. Specifically, it is about glasses , often very enveloping, designed to protect the eyes of their carriers from the surrounding risks (impacts, projections, etc.). In some trades, such as building, chemistry, or industry, employees are forced to wear them and are even supported by their company. Some industrialists also count, in this target, the professionals who work in front of a screen and which undergo daily the harmful effects of the blue light on their eyes.

safety glasses

Protective eyewear manufacturers include Bollé Safety , Seton , or Vision Protect, who offer frames with lenses that fit their wearer's eye. But you can also find safety glasses in some DIY stores like Leroy Merlin and Castorama . In this case, it is rather a piece of equipment to tinker with at home.

Opticians: 4 good reasons to invest this market

What if safety glasses could be a new growth driver for your point of sale? To help you decide, we give you four good reasons to go for it:

safety glasses

  • Touch a very wide target : the professional areas that require to wear safety glasses are very numerous, especially as the bosses are obliged to equip their employees. In addition, the workers who wear them are getting older. Protective eyewear will therefore have to correct, for a longer time, more and more visual disorders , including presbyopia .
  • Expand your network of partners : Signs that produce safety glasses are working more and more often in collaboration with opticians . This is the case of Bollé Satefy, which relies on a network of 2,500 partners throughout France ( Atol , Krys , Lissac , etc.).
  • Strengthen your image as a health professional : porters will tend to trust you more if they know you have invested in this highly regulated industry.
  • To gain traffic in your store : the professionals who decide to equip themselves must necessarily pass in shop to recover their glasses . The opportunity, therefore, to make some additional sales , especially on lenses or solar !

If you decide to start a partnership with a goggle maker, be aware that you will not be able to touch the lenses because of the very strict safety standards that are imposed on them. You will only have the final adjustment to make on the wearer's face.