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Glasses in a box: are we going?

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Sell ​​your glasses in a box: a good idea? More and more optical manufacturers are adopting this strategy and making it their own in different ways, depending on their objectives and means. Because the benefits are many: personalization, partnerships or surfing news. There are three good reasons to switch to the boxes!

Cases to customize your glasses

Luneteers have long understood this: customization is a wise strategy. No wonder, then, that they chose the cabinet format to sell their frames and the elements that allow their personalization. This can be a good idea, for example, if you offer interchangeable clips like Zenka . The young company Nogs , has chosen to market fully modular glasses and sell the various items in boxes. In these boxes: two, three or four frames, which make it possible to multiply the combinations, as well as two pairs of sunglasses.

glasses in a box

The Nogs cases have already been launched at the last Silmo and have already won many opticians in France and around the world. The brand is even currently preparing a collection dedicated to children.

Glasses in box and partnerships

The concept of the boxes can also be a very good idea if you want to establish a partnership with another brand, even if it has no connection with the optical sector. Bringing your two concepts together around a box is indeed a strategy that can pay off: you associate with the image of the other sign, while attracting you to his community.

This is the choice made by the founders of Shelter , the wooden sunglasses that have been much talked about in recent years. In this box of glasses : a pair of Shelter sunglasses and its leather case handmade, but also a bottle of wine Côt 2013. Note that the glasses of this box were made using wood barrels of wine. A partnership that highlights the values ​​bringing together the two brands: French terroir, crafts and entrepreneurship.

glasses in a box

Optics: punctual boxes

Another opportunity to use the boxes : annual business meetings , such as Mother's Day or Father's Day, for example. Some optics manufacturers have understood this well and are developing specially designed ad hoc boxes every year. This is notably the case of Générale d'optique , which has chosen to offer different mothers' day gift sets , in collaboration with the brands Polaroïd , Guess and Vogue . For less than 90 €, it was thus possible to have fun with a frame accompanied by a bag, a cosmetic bag or a watch, depending on the box chosen. Note that the formula also existed in Father's Day version!

glasses in a box

So, convinced to bet on the boxes to sell your mounts? 😉