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Customer Reviews: Opticians are investigating!

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According to a survey of the Central Opticians, 93% of consumers are satisfied with their optician! But do you know the opinion of your customers about your shop? Of your products? From you ? Or of your competitors? To know the opinion of your customers , there is nothing better than to address them and to be interested in what they can say: your customers are your best allies. Developing a satisfaction survey , collecting opinions , interacting with your customers are all ways to stand out from your competitors.

Customer Reviews: Submit Satisfaction Surveys

A buzzer allowing your customers to share their mood; an anonymous questionnaire (or not) to slip into an urn in a shop; an automatic e-mail sent to your customers following their purchases to collect their opinion via a satisfaction questionnaire : all these means are good to give you an overview of the state of mind of your customers. It's up to you to decide which one (or which) will seem most consistent.


The paper questionnaire will have the advantage of being simple to process for you. With a few open questions, or the opportunity to comment , you'll be able to quickly identify potential areas for improvement in your store and service and improve your practice .


The buzzer will give you an overall happy / dissatisfied / neutral score, on which you can communicate: " 90% of our customers are satisfied with our service ", for example. But it will bring you information that is not detailed and detailed. It's up to you to see if this tool will be enough for your use.


The online questionnaire is technically a little more complex to set up (although turnkey solutions are available, via Google Form or Typeform , to name just a few) but it will allow you to analyze the answers received in a qualitative way. and quantitative and get out easily statistics , for example.

Thanks to these different tools, you develop an increased knowledge of the expectations of your customers ! By supplementing them with online consumer reviews , you will also improve your communication .

Consumer reviews

Facebook , Yelp , Google Local or Yellow Pages , it is a safe bet that your establishment is already present on one or the other of these sites listing the opinions of consumers . These are valuable tools to take the temperature of the opinion of your customers , provided you do not neglect the different stages of their management.


As a first step, it is important to check if the information inherent to your business is good on these platforms. Are your schedules, business category, photo, or address correctly added? Check first if this online store matches you and may make your customers want to share their opinion .
In a second time, you need to generate opinions on these platforms! Decide if you want to focus on a particular site or all, and tell your customers first about your presence:

  • Send them an e-mailing or an order tracking e- mail indicating that they can leave an opinion on these sites
  • Ask for a sticker on the site in question and paste it on your window: most sites offer it, with a catchy prompting your customers to leave a review
  • Simply indicate it to your customers at checkout: " Do not hesitate to leave a review on our page -Facebook- !"

Then comes the time of follow-up. Whether you like the reviews or not, do not neglect it, because it is an important part of your service : " A satisfied customer speaks to 2; an unsatisfied customer speaks to 10 ". You will be able to choose to respond to the most important opinions , to show your customer that his opinion has been read. You will also be able to share in your communication , or even display in shop, the opinions which have seduced you the most. As for the more mixed, it is up to you to answer it in a factual and thoughtful way: but at your leisure. This provides some answers to the dissatisfied customer , and demonstrates to those who read the customer reviews in question that you are responding to the issues raised.


Taking into account the opinion of its customers by showing introspection is a relevant means of retaining customers . But not only. Your prospects will not hesitate to learn about your business and that of your competitors when the time of choice has come. It's up to you to shine by your responsiveness and your creativity to be the chosen establishment, then make your customers the ambassadors of your business!