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Montures: the trends of the beginning of the year

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The 13th edition of the fair Opti Munich number one exhibition for optics in the world, excited about its new products. Eyes Road presents some of the new optical trends.

New optical trends with strong character

Crossroads of innovation and trends, Opti Munich was the opportunity to discover new models of optical frames , designs as different as new.

Mounts-2019-model-tendance3 © IC! Berlin [/ caption]

In the optical sector, trends are confirmed or changed at high speed . What strikes the most is the strength of character that emerges from these models that will make the year 2019.

Never run out of innovative ideas, the firm IC! Berlin still has a crazy creativity to offer us models intensistically futuristic, like the models Laser, Neon and Prism of the collection Reflection .

Nothing is ever classic with the German mark, which proposes a multitude of model with the geometric shapes soft and powerful at the same time.

Mounts-2019-model-trend2 © lightbird [/ caption]

The character, it is also found in the incredible work proposed by Lightbird . The Italian designer has proposed his first collection, called Light_MATTER composed of thirteen optical frames and two solar.

Mounts-2019-model-tendance6 © lightbird [/ caption]

The result is both surprising and exciting. The material that gave its name to the collection is a subtle blend of high-tech aluminum and Italian cellulose acetate.

More classic frames that stand out too

Of course, there's something for everyone in these trends in 2019, and while extravagance may be hard for some to wear, the more classic frames still have a part to play. beautiful at the beginning of the year

Mounts-2019-model-tendance7 © NirvanJavan [/ caption]

In this vein, we particularly appreciate the NirvanJavan frames, sober but effective. The elegant shapes and colors of the Swiss brand offer a captivating and terribly up-to-date look.

Finally, a little more offbeat but with a fine design offering a little discretion compared to the models presented above, the Belgian brand Komono is doing well.

Mounts-2019-model-tendance4 © Komono [/ caption]

Alternating between classic and fantasy, the brand offers hybrid and exhilarating optical and solar models that are particularly appreciated.

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And you, what are the models that you prefer at the beginning of the year 2019?