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Optician: how to display your prices in store?

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Optics professionals, do you know what are the rules for displaying your prices in stores? Apart from certain sectors such as public transport, taxis or books, all stores are subject to the same rules. Check that you are in compliance with this article!

Price Display: Regulation

In optical shops, as in most sectors, product prices are set freely by professionals. What is highly regulated, however, is the degree of consumer price information, whether in a physical store or an e-shop. Among the main rules to respect : the prices must be expressed in euro and all taxes included (including delivery costs when it is an e-shop). In addition, these indications must be visible from the outside and / or inside of the establishment, in a shop window or in a shop, without the consumer having to ask for them. The latter must also be informed of any additional costs that may apply (delivery charges, application fees), before the sale is concluded.

There are also rules on the places where these indications must be:

  • on a label affixed to the product
  • on a sign or sign , next to the product

Also note that for lots of products (a pair of eyeglasses + a pair of sunglasses, for example), the overall price and price of each item must be displayed. ]

How to proceed during the sales period?

In times of price reduction , there are also rules to follow . In the optical shop , as for all stores, you must specify the reduced price and the reference price of the product, so that the consumer can correctly measure the reduction made. In addition, you are also supposed to be able to justify the reality of this reference price , by presenting supporting documents (notes, vouchers, purchase orders, receipts, etc.).

There is a derogation however if your discount rate is uniform across a category of correctly identified items. For example, if you offer your customers a -50% discount on all your solar models. In this case, the reduction can be done at the cashier and it is no longer mandatory to indicate the new price on the article in question.

How to be sure to respect these rules?

Since October 1, 2017, you can ask the DGCCRF ( Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control ) to comment on the compliance of the display of your prices in store or on your internet sign. To do this, simply fill out an CERFA form , enclosing with your request any document that could help the DGCCRF to take a position. A photo of the display of your prices in label format, for example. You will then have to send all this information directly online to the DIRECCTE (Regional Directorate for Enterprise, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labor and Employment) of the headquarters of your company using the online contact form. You will know if your shop respects the regulation !

If your shop also proposes services (image advice, home delivery, etc), do not forget that there are still other rules to respect .