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Opticians: differentiate thanks to visagism advice

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Opticians consulting-a-visagism

Apart from the issues of comfort and correction, choosing a pair of glasses can be aesthetically complicated. It is well known, wearing glasses makes more serious or more extravagant, trendier or more mature. In short, the wearing of glasses contributes to your image, your pace, your emotions. Some opticians have understood and propose, to differentiate themselves, to specialize in the consulting in face painting . It's clever and we tell you why.

The visagism advice … a relentless logic

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Every human being is unique. Each face conveys specific emotions. The shape of the eyes, the nose, the ears, the hue of the skin, the color of the eyes, everything on our face brings us back to what we are as an individual. How, then, to imagine that only one pair of glasses can dress a hundred or even a thousand people? This is the idea advocated by more and more opticians who seek to offer a different, personalized offer to best satisfy their customers. And that goes through the visagisme advice !

How does it work?

For each client, a morphological analysis is performed. The optician then brings his professionalism to provide the best advice in relation to the results of the analysis but also to the needs and expectations of customers. The goal ? Balancing facial features, enhancing the comfort of wearing glasses and above all offering each wearer the guarantee of an individual choice. Are taken into account in the advice in face painting , in particular, the shape of the face, but also the structure of the eyes, the cheekbones, the frame, the shape of the eyebrows, the nose, the pupil distance …

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From simple advice to specialization in face painting

Today, many opticians share their expertise in face painting , but they are still few in having made a specialty. Among them, we can mention the House of Vision in Montpellier, which created Profiling®, a visagism concept in its own right .

Opticians consulting-visagism-profiling

This is also the case with lunettestore , which offers a complete make-up assessment taking into account, in addition, the professional or personal activities of the clients. The opticians Maurice Frères , in Strasbourg, propose to associate with visagism advice in colorimetry , always to guarantee an optimal service in front of the Cornelian choice of a pair of glasses.

And you, you thought about to specialize?