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Child's optics: concepts for toddlers

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1 in 10 children aged 0 to 9 wear glasses today, and this is getting older. Many eyewear have already understood and offer collections specially adapted or even specialized in this niche. A brief overview of the different optical concepts for children.

Children too!

The vision of the child is built month after month, from birth. To be sure that everything is fine, it is essential to monitor your eyesight and to wear glasses if necessary. Parents bring their children to their optician sooner and later, who must adapt to this particular clientele.

To please the little ones, different positions are possible. Suggest a playful decoration , for example, thanks to pretty colorful accessories, which catch the eye. Some opticians rely more on the additional sale and offer cases or funny glasses doors, in the shape of animals or cartoon characters.

glasses holder

Specially adapted collections

However, a child who has to wear glasses does not have the same needs as an adult. The frames must be less fragile, but also smaller. This is why many eyewear companies have decided to dedicate collections to them. Lissac , for example, has developed two : the Loustics, for the youngest and Whaoo, for juniors from 6 to 12.

Some brands have also chosen to specialize in children's optics. We can cite Optikid , which offers a multitude of shapes and colors, but also different lens treatments adapted to children's daily lives (dirt, scratches, water, dust and even anti-reflections).
[= ] optikid

Seduce children, but also parents!

Other brands have focused more on design , such as Les Formidables and its adorable cloud-shaped frames or brightly colored cars.


As for the Schmid Optique optician, it allows kids to fully customize the color of their glasses with their iGreen collection . Ideal for parents at the forefront of fashion!

The optician for children Zoomi goes even further, offering in its premises, in addition to its multiple frames, a real dedicated space . Games, coloring, comforters, cooking, hopscotch, tree balloons, mirrors within reach … Everything is made to please children, but also their parents, who are happy to bring their dear blondes have fun all the time. afternoon

It is probably only a matter of time before most of the children's eyewear take this turn, because before seducing the young, it is above all their parents that you have to convince!