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Optics: innovation for people with presbyopes

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2.1 million French suffer from presbyopia, a loss of visual accommodation that appears after 45 years. With the aging of the population, this number is even increasing by 3% per year. It is therefore logical that industry and health professionals develop solutions to make life easier for people with presbyopes. Overview.

Many innovative solutions exist and adapt to the situation of each person, whether they choose to wear glasses , lenses , or even have surgery through refractive surgery .

Glasses connected against presbyopia

Reading glasses, progressive lenses, these solutions that people with presbyopes know well, may soon be a thing of the past. Because there are now glasses that make the point automatically. Where you have to change frames or look in a different area of ​​your glasses, these glasses adapt to the place where you look, a bit like a camera autofocus.


Such an innovation is possible thanks to the presence of liquid inside the lenses and a motor installed in the arm of the frame, which will adjust the correction. It is therefore connected glasses. Developed by American engineer Carlos Mastrangelo, their commercial version could cost between $ 500 and $ 1000 and should be on sale in two to three years.

Monthly lenses for better comfort


Some people with presbyopes choose to wear contact lenses . But with the development of digital tools, more and more people are suffering from dry eye. It is to improve their visual comfort that Bausch & Lomb has developed monthly lenses Ultra , especially dedicated to people with presbyopia , who offer up to 16 hours of hydration and a water retention of 95%. Note that the range is also available in spherical monthly silicone hydrogel lens.

Treat presbyopia with surgery

For people who want to go through surgery , techniques also exist. Industrialist Zeiss , for example, developed the Presbyond solution , which, combined with Lasik laser treatment, corrects the visual disturbance of the patient, while increasing the depth of field of the treated eye. For this, this software for treating presbyopia is based on the precise optical measurements of the patient, his age and the determination of the dominant eye.

The day after the operation, the presbyopic aged 45 to 55 years is supposed to have found a good vision. Today, this technique is offered by thirty centers in France.


The range of innovative solutions for people with presbyopes is so wide … It only remains for them to choose the one that is best suited to their needs!