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When glasses are inspired by nature

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glasses are inspired by nature 1

What do camellia, slate, cotton and oak have in common? Each in their own way, these natural wonders have inspired the optical industry! Whether from a technological or purely design point of view, nature is an endless source of inspiration and it would be a shame to do without it. From eco-inspiration to eco-design , zoom on glasses inspired by nature!

Bio-design: when design is inspired by nature

glasses are inspired by nature 2

It was in the 60's that bio-design appeared . This conceptual trend of Luigi Colani's approach was to take inspiration from the technical solutions and forms offered by nature in order to respond to technical issues.

Since then, bio-design has been part of all the different creative processes. Whether they are in the industrial field or fashion, but also in the field of optics with glasses inspired by nature !

Eco-inspiration: creations inspired by nature

glasses are inspired by nature 3

In addition to being ingenious, nature is beautiful ! The designers have understood and do not hesitate to take inspiration from the flora and fauna . Whether via subtle winks (such as butterfly-shaped mounts) or sometimes more obvious references (such as "animal" motifs). This source of inspiration is almost endless and is obviously also suitable for glasses inspired by nature .

Today, the camellia is blossoming on the Chanel and Hyacinth sunflowers, inspiring a complete collection by the French eyewear manufacturer Morel .

The metal, the mineral and the vegetable are invited to them by the Germans of Woodandcotton , who created a range which uses among others the cotton and the slate !

Eco-design: achievements that respect nature

glasses are inspired by nature 4

By integrating the environment right from the product design phase, eco-design reduces the environmental impact of these products during all stages of its life cycle. To face the current environmental challenges, this approach is obviously to be advocated.

We had mentioned this one in the field of optics with the biodegradable glasses especially those based on algae from the Naoned bretons.

Obviously, wood is not left out among the glasses that are inspired by nature , provided that they are made in compliance with environmental and forest standards, as is the case with Ozed including .

Beyond pure aesthetics, wearing glasses inspired by nature could also help to raise awareness of the environment and promote biodiversity and the environment!