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Visual health at work: lunetiers mobilize

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More and more French employees work daily on a screen and suffer from visual fatigue. To improve their visual health, optical manufacturers have come up with innovative solutions. Overview.

Visual health: a 21st century issue

The screens are now part of our daily lives. The French are indeed more and more to work all day on a computer . This is not without consequences on their visual health . Most employees would suffer even from visual fatigue , especially because of the blue light screens. Feeling of heaviness of the eyeballs, redness, tingling,   headaches, temporary myopia, here are the main symptoms of this fatigue more and more common.

But screens are not the only ones responsible for visual fatigue at work , as shown in this infographic by Azergo , a specialist in workstation ergonomics . Ambient light or stress, for example, can also play an important role.


The fight of eyewear against visual fatigue

Given the scale of the phenomenon, some players now offer solutions to preserve the visual health of employees. This is the case of Optic 2000 , which, since the end of 2016, has invited voluntary opticians in its network to intervene directly within companies in their region. Objective: to educate employees about visual disorders and their consequences. During these "Rendez-vous Prévision" , the optician performs a visual assessment of the employee and, if he has one, verifies that his correction is always adapted. To increase the impact of this awareness, he can also offer to participate in an augmented reality workshop, where he can see the importance of a good vision at work .

visual health work

The Essilor industrialist also took this issue this year and offers a package of services, in conjunction with Sodexo . "The visual health offer" of the two companies has two axes: appointments between opticians Essilor and employees, to raise awareness, like Optic 2000 , the importance of vision health at work ; but also a new range of glasses . Adapted to the most common needs in business, the collection has three models: Vision & Screen with Essilor Pro-Office, Vision & Driving with Essilor Pro-Drive and Vision & Security with Essilor Pro-Safety.

Visual health at work: alternative solutions

For employees who would not have access to a device of this type in their company, optics manufacturers have planned other solutions:

  • antireflection treatment : it absorbs the light reflected on the glass, which allows more rest and comfort to the eyes .
  • anti blue light glasses : a lens treatment that helps block the harmful rays of light s screens .
  • eye drops : it can stimulate the muscles of accommodation and thus reduce visual fatigue .

visual health work

We are ready to bet that more and more innovative solutions will emerge in the coming years 😉