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Industrial optics: how to treat your digital strategy?

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More and more optical manufacturers are no longer content to offer a catalog of quality products. To reach more opticians and enhance their overall impact, many are now relying on sophisticated digital strategies. Do you plan to do it, too? We detail the three main levers on which to bet!

Social networks: a powerful lever

Before embarking on expensive and time-consuming redesigns, be aware that your digital strategy comes first through your social networks . Are you present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Have you defined a clear and coherent strategy with your values ​​and goals, which articulates your social networks and your website ? Maybe you should start there. Thanks to social networks, you will be able to communicate on the news of your company: development of new frames, partnerships with other manufacturers, acquisition of licenses, etc. It is also thanks to these networks that you will create an affect with your customers and that some opticians will be able to find you and to contact you.

Some actors of optics-eyewear , like the GIFO (Groupement des Manufacturers and Manufacturers of Optics), have understood and chose this year to focus on a digital strategy , focused on Twitter and LinkedIn, in parallel with the redesign of their entire website . Objective: to reinforce their modern and connected image, to bring with greater impact the voice of the optical industry .

optical digital strategy

The website to take care of your customer experience

If you can afford it, it may also be a good idea to bet on a functional website , which includes some of the latest innovations in online optics . Alain Afflelou , for example, has chosen to focus his digital strategy on the customer experience and now offers on his website many innovations, designed to enhance his collections and pamper his customers.

Some examples of to offer on your website, to improve your customer experience :

optical digital strategy

  • The social wall : a virtual wall that brings together all your publications on social networks.
  • Virtual fitting : a platform that allows your customers to try the frames directly online.
  • Making appointments online : a mechanism that encourages your customers to go to the store.
  • The store locator : an innovation that facilitates the location of your different stores.

Spot digital campaigns

optical digital strategy

Another idea that can be added to a digital strategy already well built: the development of a landmark campaign , especially in the form of video . This is the challenge of Lunetiers du Jura , who launched this month a new spot, entitled #Breakuniformity. An offbeat video , which proves once again that Jura companies are dynamic and innovative. The advantage of this format is that it allows you to create the event in a timely manner, while reaffirming your values ​​and providing you with content to share on your website and social networks !

So , convinced of the interest of looking after your digital strategy? 😉