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Trend: These star glasses are worth gold

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Some celebrities would be nothing without their glasses. This is even more true in cinema, where some mounts have helped to create international legends. When they die, the auctions of their memories can reach new heights. So what are the stars' glasses that have sold the most expensive? We take stock!

Stars' glasses: cult accessories

What would John Lennon be without his mythical round glasses, or Elvis Presley without his aviator mounts? In the collective unconscious, many are the stars that we associate with their pair of glasses. In some cases, the glasses have even helped to create legends, whether real or fictional. This is the case, moreover, a multitude of movie characters. For example, Matrix and its famous little black glasses, back on the catwalk last summer, almost 20 years after the release of the first film in the series.

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[=*There is also the heart-shaped round and red solar of Lolita's heroine, a 1998 film adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov's mythical novel; but also to Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic black sports glasses in Terminator.

The three glasses of the most expensive stars of the world

When these personalities come to die, it seems logical that their mounts are as popular as their clothes or furniture. They are indeed part of the legend. As proof, here are the three pairs of star glasses that have been the craziest salesrooms in recent years:

The round frames of Claude Monet

At the end of last year in Hong Kong, Christie's sold several personal items of the famous French painter and founder of Impressionism, who died in 1929. Among these items: a pair of gilded glasses, sold for $ 51,457 . A price that surprised everyone, since the frame was estimated more than 40 times less (between 1000 and 1500 dollars). Other items were also purchased at the auction: pencil sketches and Japanese wood prints, among others. All for the tidy sum of 11 million euros.

The solar icons of Audrey Hepburn

Another auction that sparked buyers' craze in 2017: Audrey Hepburn's legendary 50-60 actress. Unsurprisingly, it is the objects related to the mythical Diamantes couch, one of his most famous films, that inflamed the crowd massed in London that day. In total, more than 500 lots were sold, for more than 5 million euros. And among the objects that were most expected, we could find his scarves, his dresses and … His glasses! How to forget indeed its mythical solar black butterflies? The scenario of the film also reached peaks, since it was acquired for more than 700 000 euros. A world record for a movie script.

The pair without glasses of John Lennon

The most impressive sum of this top 3 was reached by the round glasses of John Lennon, awarded to 1.5 million euros in 2007. An incredible sum, for mounts who have not yet their glasses since a long time ! The pair was donated by the famous founder of the Beatles to his translator Junishi Yore, during his Japanese tour of 1966. At the death of the singer, he had himself removed the glasses, following an old Japanese custom, according to which a Death needs his glasses to see after death.

So, impressed by all these incredible sales? 😉