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Top 5: your favorite items in 2016!

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The year 2016 is gradually moving away in our rearview mirror to make way for this new year that rhymes with glasses, 2017 ! The whole Eyes-Road team wishes you a happy new year , hoping you will have a good time . You are more and more numerous to read our articles and to inform you about the functioning of our EEIG which gathers the main actors of the market of optics that they are distributors, publishers of software or industrialists. So a thousand thanks for your loyalty and interest in us!

We have taken a look for you in this famous rearview mirror and we offer a retrospective of the five articles you read the most in 2016 on our blog.

The stakes of merchandising in optical stores


Present in all sectors with high competitiveness and therefore opticians, merchandising is the tool of rigor to improve the performance of your business!
From the window to the layout, through the furniture, digital or still sensory: the idea is to take into account the behavior of the customers in order to optimize the functioning of your shop .

Discover the stakes of merchandising in optical shops!

Opticians: go to the digital store!


Do you know the term " phygital "?
At the crossroads of physical commerce and the digital world , the "phygital commerce" is to integrate digital solutions in optical stores to otherwise develop the commercial performance .

Check out some examples of digital solutions that integrate seamlessly with the optician!

Innovation: new concepts for opticians!


The SILMO is always an opportunity to note that the optics sector is constantly evolving whether from an industrial point of view or opticians . Phygital trade, personalization down to the details or even economic revolution, the only real limit is the imagination when it comes to adapt to the market!

Discover our focus on 3 optical brands with innovative concepts!

An optician's job is changing


Traditionally, the profession of optician is done in a physical shop in contact with customers, which allows to cultivate a privileged relationship with customers. In recent years, the practice of the profession of optician has undergone several major changes such as the appearance of discounters , opticians at home or even sales on the internet .

Check out 3 examples of changing optician jobs that are booming!

Innovation: the smartphone at the service of the optician


Today smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives! If some manufacturers are already there to propose concepts inherent to these screens so much adored, what concrete benefits bring smartphones to the optician's profession ?

Check out some examples of apps for opticians!

If these five articles were the most read in 2016 on our blog, it appears distinctly that you are mostly opticians on the page, and new trends … The common point of these articles could indeed be called "l 'optician 2.0'! Thanks again to you for reading us, do not hesitate to comment our posts on social networks, your remarks are welcome!