Zoom on the unisex glasses

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Unisex glasses 1

Do you know what "no-gender" is? This trend is free of gender-based codes and advocates for unisex! Toys, fashion, even cars … borders are disappearing between feminine and masculine products with this new credo that is changing markets, including that of optics. More than just a fashion, zoom on unisex glasses!

No-gender: when the style gets rid of the kinds

Unisex glasses 2

Switch from woman to man, or vice versa, but above all, have your own identity ! The unisex trend is coming into fashion, from designers to ready-to-wear brands. The gendered dress code disappears in favor of neutral silhouettes . Each and every one feels free to dig into the locker room of the other. We share his shirt like … his glasses!

Unisex glasses: fashion for all

unisex glasses 3

Unisex glasses , solar or sight, so invite us in our habits and gradually in the collections. It is no longer rare to see a woman wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer or a man wearing a pair of the famous Christian Roth 6558.

In some, unisex or mixed glasses come between the "man" and "woman" choices . For the Komono brand, for example, or at the optician Optical Center which offers three departments : men, women and mixed.

Signs have already dared the 100% mixed Blyszak (also cover photo of this article) or the French at Glasses for All and IziPizi who offer only models overlooking the binarity!

Little by little, the gendered distinctions erase rays and catalogs. If the trend remains emerging in the field of ready-to-wear, the world of optics is already adopting it. More than a new trend, will unisex glasses become the new standard?