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Video games: impact on vision

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Disparaged in the 90s, video games were gradually rehabilitated after the 2010s. From denigration due to excessively violent scenes to risks to mental or physical health , there was only one step, cheerfully crossed. Faced with the influx of screens of all kinds (smartphones, billboards, television, etc.), we could legitimately ask ourselves the question of the impact on vision, as gamers are passionate people. So, are video games particularly bad for vision?

Video games and vision: specific issues

Like any non-moderate use of a screen, the time spent in front of your console (in reality, in front of a screen that provides blue light) is problematic for vision. It is therefore necessary, especially if you are an assiduous gamer, to respect certain basic rules. For example, take regular breaks. The best thing is to get some air every half hour or so. Not necessarily easy when you find yourself embedded in a game. The idea is therefore to use alarms to program these famous regular breaks. Of course, it cannot be said enough to wear glasses with anti-blue light lenses.

Accommodation can also be a problem. This is similar to reading or watching TV. However, when we play a video game , we do not look at the screen in the same way as when we watch a movie or a series. It is very different from the accommodation which is that of reading. Indeed, the practice of the video game consists of a more active observation of the screen. From this point of view, this is a good thing because the eyes force less on a fixed point. However, the downside that can be bothersome is somewhat of an overactive eye, which can lead to other symptoms.

These can range from dry eye to visual fatigue, headaches… Hence the importance of taking regular breaks.

No more dangerous than any other activity

Eyes deserve to be protected. Despite the unfair accusations long made against the video game industry (promotion of violence, reduction of social life, brutalization of youth…) it is clear that these do not make society more violent. A study carried out in 2022 by Global Video highlighted several interesting figures. The average age of the gamer is 35 years old and women represent 43% of the community of regular gamers. The most assiduous players are also people over 50 (25%) ahead of 15-24 year olds (23%).

Video games haven't turned Generation Y into violence-hungry zombies. It won't destroy children's eyesight either. Moreover, all generations combined, the time spent in front of a smartphone is much longer than that spent in front of a game console. But like any activity, it should not take precedence over everything else. Thus, it may be important for an optical professional to equip himself with a gaming/streaming shelf. Today, gaming glasses are part of the optical device environment, and can be notified on a prescription to be adjusted to the view. As a bonus, this is an excellent way for the optician to stand out from its competitors.