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Glasses & Style: End of year trends

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Some will say that it is time for this painful year of 2020 to end. While the optical and eyewear sector has suffered a number of upheavals for several months, it is time to do our annual update on eyewear trends for the end of the year.

Eyewear Trends: styles that make a statement!

From the end of summer and the arrival of autumn, trends already seen during different periods became evident. Thus, the rise of round shapes glimpsed in recent months is confirmed, although thickening.

The proportions of the frames are widening to give them more body . Be careful, however, when trying on: they must not exceed the contours of the face.


On the women's side, more than ever, we are giving pride of place to bold geometric shapes . To increase personality, we push back the contours, we redefine the curves, we widen the ends to highlight the look.


On the men's side we also find more and more material. After minimalist and discreet trends , we happily bring back color . We also don't hesitate to play with noble and elegant materials , such as wood. We don't hesitate to innovate either, thanks to 3D printing , which offers limitless possibilities!

Focus on sustainability

What makes an optical or solar frame elegant is also its propensity to last over time. The choice of materials is important. The very traceability of a frame gives it credibility. Discover the superb presentation video of Gold and Wood .

As for the colors, we will work for liveliness , again, for more personality. But also to contrast with the very natural trend in the choice of materials used. Metal, wood, titanium, acetate need life. To do this, we add yellow, green and orange, sometimes in a very sober way, sometimes not.

An example with these Etnia Barcelona models:
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We also add texture. The patterns, already very trendy in 2019, confirm their revival. Tortoise, scales and other patterns, once a guarantee of eccentricity , are becoming more and more present. A trend to be confirmed as winter passes!

And you, what trends do you want to highlight?