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Glasses & Style: Women's Trends 2020

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Changing decade means entering a new era. When it comes to fashion , decades become trends that we know how to identify over time. So, let's get the 20s off to a flying start: zoom in on the trendy glasses announced for this year!

2020 trends: a wide variety of glasses

Geometry is a matter of style ! Basic shapes are transformed and resized to offer a modern and elegant look. This new year, it is perhaps the feminine side which will be the most extravagant and the most extensive.


Another example with Bolon :

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=yTBN9cVTNFE

If the design is fanciful, the colors are not to be outdone: metallic and vibrant frames , gold, silver, pink are already being imitated.

Minimalism, yes but…


If this year again, the trend is still for thin and discreet frames, we always allow ourselves a few touches of eccentricity, especially for models dedicated to a female audience.

Thanks to often remarkable finishes, keys with tortoiseshell or tortoise patterns are already very successful. But be careful to keep soft colors and a certain harmony between them. On the contrary, we will ignore transparent models a little more, which were very popular in previous years.

In terms of volume, the oversized is, unlike the masculine models, also very popular for strengthening the look and asserting personality.


The eco-friendly trend still on top!

More than ever, environmentally friendly materials, offering a guarantee of durability or from recycling are particularly popular, especially when they look great!

We will have to continue to rely on frames made from recycled wood (taken from scraps), shells, hemp or algae and even denim…


Be careful, however, to find out where the materials come from , because original does not necessarily mean eco-friendly!
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And you, what are your favorite trends ?