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Eyewear & Style: Men Trends 2020

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Men's eyewear and style

Advising clients on the latest trendy eyewear is a guarantee of specialization. In our Eyewear & Style section , this time we are looking at men's frames for 2020.

Trendy glasses for men: transparency in the sights

This is a trend already observed in the previous year, but in 2020 men will emphasize the lines of their face with the help of transparent frames.

transparent-frame-glasses The Miltzen model from MOSCOT Original's @ MOSCOT Original's [/ caption]

The softness of the contours is enhanced by the translucent materials , which sometimes also cut with the hardness of the gaze. Models which, in particular, are perfect for men who grow beards or who have a 'messy' haircut.

But who says transparent does not necessarily mean devoid of color . Very natural tones , such as brown or green, will go great with many clothing styles.

[Caption id = "attachment_10755" align = "aligncenter" width = "600" ] sunglasses-transparent-frames @Pixabay [/ caption]

For square or rectangular faces, think about the contrast offered by round shapes . These trendy glasses in 2019 are even more so in 2020, especially those with thin and silver frames. We will choose a shiny side for dark skin and more matte for light skin.

A little extravagance doesn't hurt!

As with the girls , we can see a renewed interest in frames that are a little less sober, and in particular on turtle scale models! Example with Izipizi and its Tortoise model.


The keen attachment of those nostalgic for the 80s and 90s has brought this design back into fashion, both for optical and sunglasses frames.

[= ] On this type of model, we particularly recommend shades of blue or beige , which are particularly effective, to adapt to their style and skin color.

In the same vein, rather large frames, embellished with flashy colors or gradient effects, as at Vint and York , will be very appreciated, elegantly associating a style that is both serious and original .

Dapper-glasses-vint-and-york @VintandYork [/ caption]

This year, on the male side, we are back to basics, in the line of sight of the revival of the last decades of the twentieth century. This is the new vintage , that of Generation Y, now in full possession of their means, and which appeals to their nostalgic side.

Opticians, think about it when you lavish your advice;)