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Eyewear & Style: Winter eyewear trends 2022-2023

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Winter is slowly approaching, and with the mild temperatures of recent weeks, we had somewhat forgotten about it. A dreaded period, but which is also synonymous with celebrations and reunions. It's also a good time to show off your style. Focus on winter eyewear trends!

The power of colors

While for many, winter is synonymous with cold and gray weather, eyewear designers have colors in their heads! A great way to settle with this climate that does not make you want to go outside, right? The colors that hit? Pink, green, blue, purple. Soothing or flashy, they give radiance to your face and you will not go unnoticed!

Among the brands to follow, we particularly like La Brique and la Violette , which are inspired by Nature, or Etnia Barcelona , with plain and dazzling temples.

The color green is still in the spotlight, in a context where the natural side is taking more and more space. Of course, apart from the aesthetic side, it will be necessary to count on the frames whose manufacturing processes are durable and transparent. From now on, recycled frames are trendy, whatever the materials: plastics recovered from the oceans, wood, cork and… skateboard decks!

So don't neglect the vibrant colors for this winter, whether severe or not.

Glasses trends: the return of materials!

In terms of form, geometry is making a resounding comeback. The trend for very metallic thin glasses is over, we break the lines and shapes to mark the occasion, as with the colors. A bit of roundness, but lots of angles. We find the thickness of the material. Sometimes with sobriety, sometimes without.

We welcome the asymmetry of the frames, the curves designed with innovation. Perfect examples: the new frames fromJean-François Rey , Face à Face , or Oko by Oko .

In any case, whether the winter is harsh or not, these associations between bright colors and variable shapes will inevitably lead to more cheerfulness and life on our faces buried under the diapers!