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Manufacture Tours: Promotion of Optical expertise

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The “Manufacture Tours” is a flagship event in the optics sector , set up by the French Union of Optical Manufacturers (LEOO). This event offers a unique opportunity to discover the exceptional know-how of the French optical industry . Aimed primarily at optics and eyewear professionals, it took place on June 3 throughout France.

A Rendezvous with Excellence

The “Manufacture Tours” is an annual event which highlights the richness and diversity of French optical expertise . Organized by LEOO, this day is dedicated to discovering the manufacturing processes of lenses and spectacle frames. Visitors, made up mainly of opticians and manufacturers, have the opportunity to explore the workshops and understand the different stages of production, from design to finishing.

L The event takes place in thirty production sites spread over six geographical areas: Paris region, Lyon, Grand Est, Grand Ouest, Oyonnax and Morez. These visits allow you to meet the men and women who bring this industry to life, offering a concrete insight into the ingenuity and passion that drive this sector. Sandra Timon, President of LEOO, underlines her impatience “to once again welcome opticians for this exceptional day of discovery and exchange within our houses.”


The Importance of Manufacture Tours

The “Manufacture Tours” is not only a showcase of French expertise, but also a platform for exchange and learning . For participants, it is an opportunity to see up close the innovative technologies and techniques used in the manufacturing of optical products. The first edition brought together more than 450 opticians, demonstrating the growing interest in this initiative. The feedback from opticians during the 2023 edition was unanimously positive. Coming from all corners of France, they left delighted with this “approach of transparency and openness on the part of French industrialists”. For many, it was the opportunity to discover for the first time all the stages of frame manufacturing. It is this success which led the organizers to repeat the experience this year.

In addition to promoting the transparency and quality of French production, this event helps to strengthen the links between the different players in the sector . It highlights the importance of cooperation and the exchange of know-how to maintain a high level of quality and innovation in the sector . LEOO, with its 90 member companies, therefore plays a crucial role in promoting these values and excellence.

The “Manufacture Tours” is an unmissable event for manufacturing professionals. optics-eyewear. It offers a unique immersion into the world of lens and eyeglass frame manufacturing , highlighting the expertise and passion of French artisans and manufacturers. Through this initiative, LEOO continues to promote the excellence and innovation of the French optical industry, thus contributing to its international influence. For opticians and manufacturers, it is a valuable opportunity to enrich their knowledge and strengthen their professional networks, while celebrating the richness of French manufacturing heritage.